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Everybody John, little, cop three and out podcast. Back at it again recording this podcast, Monday afternoon almost dinnertime. and. You know there's really no way avoiding this. It won't be necessarily normal podcast. I can't just talk about football in about thirty minutes from now. The city in which I live in will be mandatory curfew. Because the looting has gone on. It happened last night. where I live, it's gone on just in the Greater Bay area in California for the last I think forty eight hours Saturday night, and then Sunday night and. Just. You know these were unprecedented times. This isn't necessarily with George Floyd situation which I'll get into in a second. The Corona. Pandemic is. Something! I I don't think any of us have ever experienced. We never been locked down for seventy plus days which I think was the number the middle of last week and it's a subject I've attempted to avoid in the sense of like giving my own thoughts on the the. Where the corona stands with myself because it changed on a daily basis like anyone have good days where it's like you know no big deal. We'll just do what we're told and other days like anyone when you're locked inside to get frustrated. And one thing was clear when George Floyd was. I think listen to everyone that I associate with or hopefully do I think would one hundred percent agree was? An innocent man was murdered. That had no business losing his life. And hopefully justice is served with the police officer is now in jail as well. The powder keg of just the racial undertone that's been really my entire life, and I'm thirty five years old. Anyone older listening. It's been like that in America since while before, I was born. Did the CORONA ASPECT OF IT? People locked in. There is a class warfare situation I know I can only speak for the state of California. Where I've spent the majority of my life. There isn't a middle class anymore. And the the the poverty levels are growing at historic rates in California, and the rich live in these areas and don't allow poor people in. It's really that simple. And there was just a bubbling in general. I wouldn't even say racial I would just say financial and economical in the state in which I live in. And the George floored situation which I don't see how as a human being, you could watch that in your heart, not hurt. And the situation that then followed, which was really powerful, turns out Steven Jackson, the former NBA player, really good friend of them. Peaceful protests or just protests and always understand people. Push back with protests I. don't tell like I. It's not my job or anyone's job. Tell someone how to feel or how to think and one thing as I've gotten older. I have attempted to do just like I. think anyone who tries to mature. Put yourself and other shoes. In someone else's other shoes to help you better understand that now. There are things that I will never be able to understand..

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