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Right after this many days, they just turn the water and drink that shit will they did say you don't have to boil it anymore out. Cool. Yes. That was one of the first things they said you don't have to boil it anymore. They said to flush your toilet fifteen. Times. Just deflect everything else. Yeah. So. I wonder like the National Guards probably getting really fucking tired Oregon. Portland and now us they're like look guys were done being here. But Now. They can't even breathe tacitus. So I don't know I. All I know is this you know just when people I'm talking around the the the West Coast just when they thought that things couldn't get worse. They officially have people were really worried about you wearing masks for the covid and having all this issue and I'm not going to wear a mask and now you fucking half two. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. In fact I get a migraine going out there even with mask I wear. The second I fucking get out of the car. But I have you know chronic migraines. anyways. It's gotten a hair better but I can say this being lived here all my life being through mini mini August's of forest fires because that seems to be common thing here. I've never seen it this bad. I've never I've never had I've never had a fire this close even living up on starting creek when we had the fire that was you know It was it was pretty scary especially. It really looked like I have so many people that lost their homes. We've no so many it's such. It's it's really really sad but it is amazing to see our community. Getting, together and doing what they have and doing what they are doing for everybody else like there is so many fundraisers or go fund me is going on right now there's so many options. Going on for not just businesses. Not, just homes, it's everything it's for all as a community they're trying to make it. So it's altogether.

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