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Time Peter Morozov was in goal and now replaced by Curtis mcelhinney who makes his first appearance vs Stanley Cup playoff. So it is macaroni in goal to our right now for Carolina leading trying to work at a head fourbillion send it in Calvin haunt cuts. It off shoved to the ice by Leo calmer below the goal line and that caused a turnover. Phil trying to old and villa about the left, circle, but batted out the center, and it rolls all the way down on Robin Lener who will play away from Sebastian home, Thomas it. They're stretches ahead about Phil. Right wing over the Kane line bucking the net. Mcelhinney as you got the right leg on it. And then the cash in on the rebound Calvin John stark from behind his own net canes work at farside out of their captain, Justin Williams, right wing through. Senator Brock McGinn, and he pushes it in deep. Again, McGinn have the double overtime wintering game seven Wednesday night in Washington as the canes knocked off the defending Stanley Cup champion. I grab the loose puck pallet. Joining the rush over the Kane line right circle looking for clutter. Buck tried to put it in front broken up. Carolina trying to get it out. And they will as skating away as Nino Nita rider over the red over the blue trying to send away Jordan stalling couldn't get it to settle down to the New York net. And Phil on the back. Check starts the other way. Just got a piece of that saucer pass. So it didn't land cleanly for Jordan stall hooked right back to Nino to try to feed him at the puck kidding do. So here's pull off now below the defense below the goal line of the Carolina Hurricanes. Declutter Bucknell out the left point Dante. Just hold it on the stripe it behind the net versus a Martin at a Mayfield pinching hard. On the right wing wall at Morton in front. Get it to go on his belly is able to cover up still one. Nothing islanders sixteen seconds from the mid point of period. Two four Curtis. Mcelhinney the thirty five year old claimed off waivers back in October at the start of the season. From the Toronto Maple Leafs has a two games of Stanley Cup playoff. Experience a played eight one contest thirty four minutes, but the Calgary Flames two thousand nine and last year with the frontal Maple Leafs in the first round played all forty seven minutes so can start in either one of those games. But now is his third ever Stanley Cup playoff game for the thirty five year old and they have Meraz coming out Greg at six twenty seven of the second period. So that would be the broadcast out during our actual time out in stoppage play. Carolina Hurricanes us at the switch goalies. And again, we'll try to get you word as the white Peter Meraz we've been there most valuable player. Arguably in these Stanley Cup playoffs had to leave. This game at least for now the person occurs mcelhinney replacing to our rights. They'll one nothing island this year as across the mid point of the second period games only goal on the power play. Matt Moore's L and the opening period that was actually knocked in by canes. Defenseman Jacob Slaven path is all netminder, Leonard gloves. A pop up men Lennon joined the ire of Mayfield in front of the New York net and the guys stripe full step in. We'll take a time out with a one nothing lead just past the midpoint of period. Two in Brooklyn. Bill listening to Stanley Cup action on the New York..

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