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That's a good one though. I'll give it to you. That was good and seeing who. Why why why why. Well y y y okay. Let me get started here. Tk i don't know how much you know about little dicky and his and his catalog. I'm a little confused with the timing of this reference. Because i've seen that episode of dave where kareem abdul-jabbar is in it and the song that adam references there but like i don't know i don't know if he had that song before the show because otherwise okay you don't know yeah. I don't know walk. The timeline doesn't make sense but then again it could just be a sign that he had no so. I'm gonna go fake 'cause of 'cause of attention to detail of like when this clip would have been happening in the reference to the korean part of dave which of course features a little dicky so a man i mean i think i've gotten the last four or five so feel free to fade me. This one feels very real to me. That feels very much like adam. Amine and stacey king the mannerisms from jd are exactly the lines that i think stacey king would be saying and certainly be elated to hear abba media upping rap lyrics during the middle of a broadcast which is something that he would do. I think he seems to have a lot of references at the ready. I know he's got these massive like no sheets. And i don't know timing wise either but i know nurkic was out early in the season so if he was sitting on the bench when he has longer hair. That's when the bulls played in portland. They played january fifth in portland. So if it's all early in the season times okay could be mark me down for real and like i guess it almost makes more sense if i saw it in the show. Dave again creams in the episode. And that song is referenced. It makes sense song that he had then they go and try and get kareem abdul-jabbar to be in the episode. Okay okay. you've sort of convinced. Me i've come to your side even though you know you've got wrong in a row. I guess it is. I guess it is really what do you think. Yeah there's no point in going Fake from here. You guys verdy sort of said. It's real tries. Ju just to get one you know. It's funny though. I haven't had a means voice. I can remember stacey kings because he's been around forever. I'm just trying to think of atoms in in my head and i'm like editing. Speak and hannity town. But it doesn't really help. I mean i'm gonna say real. Because i think it doesn't matter anyway because i'd be in the minority so real.

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