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Off. Chinese businesses dominate nearly every sector of Solomon Islands economy from natural resource extraction to retail businesses and increasing assistance to the Solomon Islands government, although Australia is by far the largest owner, says committee. In order to understand China's growing influence, one must understand the flows of Chinese capital. The response to China has been mixed in the solomons. Last November, protesters demanded sogar a stepped down for the 2019 decision to end ties with Taipei. The protests escalated, resulting in violence that saw several Chinese owned businesses burned down. The prime minister is sticking to his guns, however, speaking on Wednesday, Sagar said the agreement was necessary to cover critical security gaps and improve the ability of the authorities to deal with future instability. He added that the Solomon Islands entered the deal with eyes, wide open. Development plays a large part in the reproachment between Beijing and onara. Test Newton Kane, the Pacific hub project leader at research center, the Griffith, Asia institute, says that sogar a believes Chinese infrastructure and investment are essential to the country's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. He's very much made it clear that that's what he sees as the economic path or a significant part of the economic path, and there's no question that China is very much the principal player in economic development of Solomon Islands. She says. Meg Keane, a professor at Australian national university, says that Pacific island countries see security and development issues as intertwined. They want to see strong commitment from their development partners on the full range of security issues. She tells time, which include climate change, human security, resource security, as well as traditional security. What are the implications of the pact? While the pact undoubtedly gives Beijing greater presence in the Pacific, keen points out the signed agreement remains secret, so the full implications are hard to judge. Newton Kane believes there may be a domestic backlash. The issue of lack of transparency is a concern in Solomon Islands, as has been the case in relation to other decisions by the sogavare government, including the switch in 2019. She tells time. Already, a senior opposition figure in the islands, legislator Peter kennel laureate junior is warning that the pact will further inflame emotions and tensions. At the same time, the fact that the U.S. delegation to the solomons is going ahead, Newton Kane says, is a positive sign that sogavare is maintaining communication, and is available to hear from partners as to what their concerns are. Says that the pact will spur greater western engagement with Pacific Islands countries. Already being seen in such initiatives as Washington specific pledge, Australia's specific step up, New Zealand's Pacific reset, and the UK's Pacific uplift. The reopening of the U.S. embassy in Honiara is part of the same drive to counter Chinese influence. It is, however, unclear whether that will diminish China's growing influence in the region, says kabula. So far, it hasn't..

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