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They're guarding for traffic I guess in the alley what I was on a cell now and wandering around in a typical all right now that that that the guy I guess is what a hazmat suit he's dressed all in white and he's walking away with a white bucket and then the two attendants behind a marine yellow at jackets once on the phone and now they're walking out of camera range as well so three people it took to scoop up one poop well we we are the Fairlight there's actually one person doing the work interest you supervisors that's true right there was there was only one guy had a little metal shop morning scraping it off and he put it the white bucket and then everybody wandered off do we know specifically what part with these give these people are from I don't know not a look like Bon and I do have your bonds Facebook page he likes to post pictures of him like next Thursday yeah garbage trucks to clean clothes but I think this would be a great photo op the white right to come out and be like you know I'm going to get this done for my constituents I'm gonna put on like a fresh terrible when your genes out but not Boxford jacket or not actually sure which some timberland boots and and what all were you totally missed out on this opportunity what is one of the three you only need one person they should take these people they could do as a triple the job every day they could clean up three times as many popes if they all went out I'm selves you don't need three people to scoop up one pope well when Gabriel said your standard his care team I think there are you know he expanded it to include like we people walking route one prefers group work on which is probably why it took so long as you know someone probably need to take a look at the resource allocation wonders you know it's funny is you were going back and forth with the Morgan interested in one of the other emails from Tristen said I had a chance to follow up with L. A. S. A. N. I. gets the S. L. A. sanitation and she goes I spoke to a supervisor from hazardous materials hazardous materials department and she insisted the turnaround is twenty four hours yeah that email was dated November fifteenth last Friday out and she said it would likely be handled today the fifteenth of November and here we are in the twenty second of November before the three person crew finally showed up and she goes I told this was a priority for the council office and I needed her to escalate and expedite the process this was this was the expedited process yeah can you imagine what it will give you a larger ones like the warning a regular tickets no multiply this flight how many households in downers all I mean I just at that meeting the other day about the town hall meeting or two people that stood up and demanded that verification come out clean up of flesh human waste on their back porch right and center the gate will die on board for the number and fumbled through those questions what that does to people so apple recounted his new fresh care team in a new process to get the stuff read up and providing you don't really frankly residents adipose process for testing and this is where we ended up yeah that's what I wondered that that's what prompted you to do this because you've had dumps in your alley way before but you never went through all this to get it removed no I mean I tried to no one out and I got the run around I said screw it on our washer out take care of myself but you know I've been going to this meeting and and kind of see what my tax dollars are used for and gave standing up on stage and we have a care team for this we're investing in this problem what's great is you have you have all the email so we know exactly the time in fact the guy originally took the dump on November twelfth Tuesday and you finally called at seven fifteen AM on Thursday the fourteenth and and that was at the beginning of the business day so that was day one so this is day night and it's actually Dale Levin cincy since he poked right yes and then they say well three people well you know what it wouldn't have happened I thank you so much for coming on the show you got it most yelling you didn't just take well I will be a pain in the **** until this fall gets all right so I well yeah I feel like you probably had other polls taken since this one you said it seems to happen on a weekly basis with your crap cam yeah I know the Dropbox folder there's no there's no shortage of of clips and ponies that showcase health problem the or just how bad the problem isn't random Dennis alley well thank you for route for contacting us and if you need any further assistance call immediately we have a much quicker turnaround here you got it I hope the required but I don't want to be a repeat call so we are your call will not go unanswered the bonds office okay all right Allen we thank you for your help in this who had a great time with we appreciated you got it I've got a six pack of beer or something right now all right now is Lister Allen from Venice to finally got the poop cleaned up in the alleyway after nine days and you said how long since the pope was taken at eleven days this is the ninth day since I made the right one of his eleven day old you know that's why they needed to I can't believe three people you got to say it's a typical city group two people standing around just wondering in the alley way one of them you act on a phone I'd like some union padding going on there at the center this is the part it is the old joke how many city workers is to take the clean up one human poop and one guy and why if you if your job is to clean up do show up in a pure white suit yeah he's been towed somewhere I don't know it's a hazmat suit or not but it I think it is so it's again they do that kind of work they have to put on something that protest the mob so why can't he put the bucket the back of the truck start the truck himself and drive on to the next pope one of the other two doing well like you said they have to watch for traffic make sure their safety first well he's busy with the pope you could get run over standing in the alley by look at the third guy that's like United talk about the guys in the one guys in the manhole is the seven guys and shovels standing there talking everything that's wrong with city government is right there on that clip just go to the John and Ken Bates KFI am six forty dot com so sure that that clip that do yoga pants Andrew Malone back went to his we'll event today with state officials about the homeless problem and I guess the question was probably to the extent of wire people leaving LA as it's a wonderful place to live if it wasn't for the homeless if it wasn't for the traffic it would be a wonderful just kept making excuses he really is just an apt yeah yeah any goes into this happy talk routine all the time when he went when he spell we all love it here yeah over his or her head if we could picture if everybody imagine for a moment had a roof over his or her head if we could picture our children having an affordable future that they would stay here and maybe we can get home a little quicker is there any other city in the world you want to be yes many of everybody many of you the worse but when you think these people out in the street they all had a roof on their over their head they all decided to shoot up drugs or get drunk get off their insanity medication and they left their roof they left their home I guarantee you at one time they were all in the home at one time they had a roof and then they decided to start injecting drugs and snorting drugs and drinking booze and not taking care of their mental problems I don't have to build a home for everyone of these people that see that's that's the implication across we thought well hi to route what do you want me to do you want me to pay for everybody's rules what they're responsible for their own problems help please hold get your act together step up be a man or a woman and get the drug rehab of the mental health you need and get back into society instead it's all what can we build for them what can we do for them what kind of what kind of clothes can we give them I know when does anybody give these people a swift kick in the **** and say you take care of yourself you know what this is this is the logical end so that fifty years of this nonsense fifty years you had this pervasive attitude and it used to be okay it's just a few people yeah some both small tiny percentage down on their luck blah blah blah blah now this is what happens when when you don't demand a conformity to basic civil I standards this is what you get rampant drug abuse rampant alcoholic abuse rampant mental illness in the street ad yeah I'll take care one person or two or five but I got sixty thousand and I don't want to hear your lectures anymore all right the voice line is coming up in minutes couple of stories today you probably already heard that a school shooting was thwarted in south LA a thirteen year old student had in self I hit listed appear to have the weapon to do it but anyway he bragged too much about it the other story that we're looking at and we're waiting for an update is the strange woman unfolded in Santa Fe springs this morning just before six AM a metrolink train hit an RV which was parked or stock on the tracks the thing got obliterated in fact there was a freight train going in the other direction which also took chunks of the RV out and the only thing we learned since the story broke this morning is that supposedly for people ran from the R. V. just before he was hit by the train six in the morning six in the morning these people how did they run out of it and come back and take responsibility it was just a small right I eat yeah did this this story stinks they must've been up to no good either they have a warrant for their arrest or they had drugs in that RV there's there's something wrong or they were living in the RV they stole it there's some bad story nobody normal would do that even even in the unlikely event that your your RV stalls at six in the morning on a rail or track for a legitimate reason unlikely event running off like that never coming back I mean the first train with the passengers there are few people who had minor injuries there were some injuries it caught fire the the the oncoming train caught fire as well yeah it's crazy birthday was on fire would you care if you because that I've done I mean the field is pretty wide the thing exploded the last we heard that they did have an address at the RV was registered to where they were going to go there and see what they could find out if we don't have an update yet on that new story but that one you're right very suspicious I thought right away with all the people living in our fees today what would you call him semi vagrants because they're not exactly living on the streets mobile vagrants half hope both he's he's a local vagrant that's a good one yeah you know about the R. V. dwellers because we represent as they were dumping their poop in the road and are these are used for the original title recreational vehicles people who've gone weekends vacation summers they want to travel around and it's a it's an inexpensive way to live as you're traveling and it's a lot of fun for a lot of people may have RV parks all over the country people enjoy that this is entirely different dot team going to see what else we can find.

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