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Gold star of the game. He came in through two perfect getting striking out three. Today he went back to the mound. Gabe Kapler went back with Tyler Rogers today and I came into a situation a runner on first base with one out. And he proceeded to go to a Justin Turner and Turner got a base hit on the third pitch. And you got Max Muncy on a nice fastball inside on a strike three called and sure enough, he goes three on a J. Pollock. And its decision to come in 32 of the slider heard him and ended up losing the game as a J. Pollock hit his fourth home run over the left field fence. And that's kind of what Gabe Kapler was saying. Hey, he wants to keep throwing him out there. He's Ah, good trick picture. Come in that middle of the game 6 7/8 inning to get toe to get to Ah got and today just didn't work out. He standing behind him and And that's what a manager is supposed to do. So kudos. Agave capper to stick up for Tyler Rogers. All right, the Giants are off to Ah, Houston Right now They're playing three games from a 10 game road trip. And we're going to see what the Houston Astros are up to. They've lost five in a row going back home, and the Giants are seven and 10 walking into their Ah Minute Maid ballpark and the Astros or six and nine, starting off the season, so they have had some troubles with their pitching in their bullpen. All right, let's get to the phone lines. Phone lines are open. Ate away can be ours. If you want to join the fun with me tonight, let's get to Paulie. I guess Paul. He's driving on Highway 101 How are you doing, Polly? I'm fine. Can you hear me? I can hear your buddy. What do you got to tell me? While we're on the same topic of Gabe Kapler. I wanted to just make a quick comment, by the way. Thank you for having me on. It's an honored its copy All always following any time. Pick up the phone and call a Zeta way. KNBR you called number We got you. Thank you a 50 year Well, 54 year baseball fan, and so I remember y'all. It's a big deal anyway. So it was the thing about Capt. Whereas I think that he is so Analytically oriented that it's a little soul. This and I want to talk about some things, and I think that he is. It's my Ah, hunch that he has not given, But Brandon's felt in Crawford leadership and mentorship rolls like they should have, and I have a feeling I have a hunch. That's why they're kind of And open there moping around there. Not that I have been a giant fan forever. I am too. And I'm saying I'm saying the same thing. These guys their leaders in your in your dugout. I mean, it's it's excellent. You know, and they think they should be given the opportunity or encouraged to do that. I think it would out about caterpillars, pitching hay being judged. I get analytics. They're so important, but Berg and I think you gotta go with like the individuals. Heard, you know the situation is stable. Cueto is not young love Johnny Cueto. He's an 80 pitch pitcher. He's been marvellous the last game for 80 pitches and then the ultimate you both both of the last game. Gausman could've gone 85. And these air, not numbers needs air. Just hunches of thinking like Jasmine, younger and stronger. Quite. You know, I just don't think he has much soul Tio. And I'm hoping he developed that I don't not going. I don't agree with his decision making or style very much. You gotta have a little more hard in my opinion. Yeah. A lot of times, Paulie. We We always talk about the eye test. You always hear about managers and coaches saying Hey, you, Khun! Give me all these statistics. But what I'm watching the game and watching what these players are doing. That's telling me how they're reacting that day. How they react how smooth they are, how comfortable they are. Kevin Gausman just came out, he said. I My limit is not 80 pitches. And it seems like, uh, Kappler thought that and and he thought he should have pitched at least one or two more hitters. He just came out in the post came saying that And he says, I'm disappointed, but I understand it's his decision to take me out. He's the manager, so I think we're hit and right on the head. I think Kevin Gausman want to do one more hitter and I would have done the same thing. Like I said earlier. Go out there. See how you feel, Patty mon that rear and go get him, You know, And that's where you get confidence from a manager That gives you that that boost you know, like, Hey, he's he watched me. I got a little more in my tank. I might throw this 99 miles an hour strikeout Turner, because that's what you want. You want that boost when you're when you're down. He's coming out. He never even talked to him. And he went right to the bullpen, and that's his decision. That's what a manager has to do. But when you got a guy throwing like Gausman today, you have to go out at least communicate with him. Absolutely. And I think he needs to start taking a little care of my boy. Johnny Cueto pull him after 80. Look at the numbers for just any pitches the last two outings. You know he's coming off the top of the surgery, not young, but still got his hand. He's a different on a picture now. But if he moves is just a little velocity on that fastball. They can hit a ball that Gausman go 90 like quite a low 80 and Tyler Rogers pitched two innings today before, but no matter what your laptop says, I think you got to go with somebody. Maybe that's one inning. We're didn't pitch it all. You've got some right handers down there. That could bring gas. Garcia being one. I know he had a struggle in Colorado, but These are guys you have to give confidence to and bring in a minute. Look what he did with Sam Selman the other day and some Marge's game He brought Sam Selman in bases loaded, nobody out and almost got out of it with a little bad handle on On Ah, Solano, its second, So you have to give some people some rope. You have to test the starters, and I keep reminding everybody today is their first quality start. That's more than that sixth innings arm or first time in 17 games. I should have pushed him a little more. A little bit more. That's my opinion. Thanks for your call. Paulie. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. All right. We're going to go to Long Island, New York right now and talk to Peter and Peter. You're staying up with me late tonight, huh? It's not that late yet. Is it? Peter? It's not that late Bill and I'm used to long time Giants fan like Pauly and watch the game and I'm used to the games being this actually early game because most the games this year are late and for the East Coast, it's like they started 10. 30 Whatever, Which is not easy, so, yeah, I hear you have been on those post game shows that are started. 10. 30 11 lakhs. I understand what you're saying..

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