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To all of your programs your very very smart and i just feel blessed to live you need to do my yard guy thank you know why why aren't james clapper and john brennan in jim komi held account for this why why do why will nobody asked him about any of this because we live in a system of double standard there is no one standard you know it better than anyone you speak the truth you being attacked her every day just for speaking the truth so they were not speaking the truth and they will avoid having any responsibility for that all right yoenis excellent call appreciate it buddy mike fargo north dakota the great wbz f g the flag go ahead mark i just wanted to say first time caller to just you know really proud to be on i wanna say roper president trump decides to end this nuclear deal that he invoked the treaty claws and kicks us back to the senate because i cannot forgive bob corker fish corker amendment which stuck in this world trade deal you're right on i couldn't agree more i the thing is the moment donald trump chooses to get out of this training deal they everybody adc is gonna throw him under the bus so as far as i could say where he needs to do is tell the senate fun you know what i do just like you deal with doctor say in sixty days ninety days whatever we're out of this unless the senate both senate get everyone of the senators on record voting for especially those democrats facing tough reelection especially the republicans i mean how great would it be to be a republican go back to your home state and say hey i help chill this horrible unconstitutional illegal and immoral iran deal i don't think he has to do any of that he can just kill it but i kind of like your ideal also that says all right you want to fix this the treated as a treaty and run it through the senate let's saving get your sixty seven vote exactly exactly you know because you do things like donald trump is to do and they write towards them under the bus it's like fine you know forced the senate to stand and be counted or basically the to let this.

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