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Five partisan agreement has been reached in principle by two goals from Republicans and Democrats in the house and Senate from the appropriations committees of those both the house the Senate and both parties to avert a government shutdown that would have to get to the president's desk before Friday at midnight. There are ways if you need to extend funding for twenty four hours you can do that without having to face a shutdown. We don't know entirely. What is in this deal? We do know that the funding for new border wall is there. So there's funding for new border, walls, or whatever you wanna call them. They call it Bollard Fizi. That's the big steel slats fifty-five miles of that the president could accept this. And then along with it say if you don't fund it when we're done with those fifty five miles. I'm going to go here for more money will explain that to you as well. Certainly he could reject this and say this again, it's not I wouldn't sign this. I'm not going to sign this. We want to get your thoughts on it. One eight hundred six eight four thirty one to this people are calling in on that. I have to update you on on congressman Omar's hypocrisy and her doubling down really of her antisemitic remarks. I'll explain that here. You know, she said all about the bid Jamin, so why is American politicians support Israel, and she used that antisemitic trope it's all about Jewish money, and she doubled down on that did not apologize on her own which she had the opportunity to. So she got condemned by the democrat leadership who called her to apologize. Here's the condom this Cape from Iraq to we were on the air yesterday. Actually. So it was boiling avoiding I think Nancy Pelosi realized she had to do something her statement is not so bad. I mean, speaker Pelosi majority leader Hoyer, the majority whip Clyburn assistant speaker Raila Jan. The caucus chairman hockey Jeffries caucus chair Catholic, basically the entire House Democrat leadership onto statement. It says anti-semitism must be called out confronted and condemned whatever it is encountered without exception. This good. We will always be strong supporters of Israel and congress because we understand their support is based on shared values and strategic interests. That's right. That's a good way of explaining why the United States has such a strong relationship with Israel is that against shared democratic values, especially the reason world where there's not much of that and strategic interests. So it benefits the United States as well Tevin ally like Israel in that region. They allow for they said legitimate criticism of Israel's policies are protected by the values of free speech at democratic debate that the United States and Israel share share. There's people in Israel that disagree with the government that doesn't make them less Isreaeli. And you could do that it is an American elected official. But as I say congresswoman Omar's use of antisemitic. Tropes and prejudicial accusation about Israel's supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks so strong language there, we call upon congresswoman Omar to immediately policies for these hurtful comments as Democrats in his Americans the entire congress must be fully engaged denouncing rejecting all forms of hatred racism prejudice discrimination wherever they encounter. Okay. So strong condemnation. And what did they ask for their to policy? Well, congress Omar she responded. Okay. So the first part of response is not so bad. She says, and this is our statement anti-semitism is real, and I'm grateful for Jewish allies colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of antisemitic tropes, again, this idea that she doesn't know about that history, and she's elected to congress and on the foreign affairs committee of all committees is kind of unique, but we'll save that for a moment. My intention is to never fit my constituents who are mostly Somali Muslims or Jewish Americans as a whole that's fine. We have to always be willing to step back and think through criticism just as I expect to hear people to hear me when others attacked me for identity. This is why I unequivocally apologize. Okay. So you think the statement went in there, right because she says equivocally apologize this issues with that opening statement. I think you can dissect what that would people attack me, you know, trying to shift the issues, but she doesn't stop. She writes, I unequivocally apologise maybe need a grammar lesson. Because usually if you want to quickly apologize, you leave it there. No. She doesn't at the same time. This is in her words at the same time, I reaffirmed the problematic role of lobbyists and our politics. Whether it be pack the NRA or the fossil fuel industry. She doesn't say Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry or other leftist causes that are also active in our government processes. And so in her apology, she doubles down her attack on the largest pro Israel group in the United States and the most bipartisan. And then later re tweets a comet attacking APEC and Jewish. Money's control of American politics later later on last night. So she's doubled down on her same criticism that she was called out for. So we believe at this point. Joining with other groups that she must be removed by Nancy. But first of all in the re tweet she attacks the tweet that she sit out also attacks Nancy Pelosi. So if this is really the speaker of the house in the leader of the Democrats in the house of representatives, the people's body, she should remove congressman, Omar, at least from the foreign affairs committee where she can get classified briefings on the Middle East, for instance, at a place where she is even understand. And we said it so many times on this broadcast. I mean actions have are louder than words, they have more consequences than words, and I would look at two people first of all congressman Omari. I'd like you said part of that apology. The words were fine. But her action speaks so much louder. They demonstrate an anti semitic bias, and it has a fracture are lines with Israel that shouldn't be accepted by either party in those actions dwarf her words as for s for speaker Pelosi and the democrat leadership Jordan, there is an action that should be automatic here. It looks to me like they're just trying to get political cover by getting in extracting this apology from the congresswoman, but Jordan, we talked about this in the break. The fact that the congresswoman sits on the house foreign affairs committee gives her a disproportionately large voice inside her party on US foreign policy. That's just simply not acceptable is speaker Pelosi and the rest of the democrat leadership mean what they say Jordan, and they say that her views are out of line with their party, then they should not be affording her that seat on the committee. They need to follow up. Up their words with actions and remove her from the committee, and quite frankly, Jordan, I think on the political point. You're also right about the the front to leadership. I think if this happened inside either party on basically any issue, but this one and a member of that party confronted the leadership in this kind of disrespectful way. I think the consequences would be swift. And they need to be in this case, you have comments on this will take them at one eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten and wanna play Steve Scalise? Then we'll get back to the the the bipartisan agreement potentially. I think we may come back to Omar issue as well because it's still developing she decided after that fake apology to double down on her attack on a pack, which she did by re tweeting someone attacking APEC and attacking Nancy Pelosi. So you would think Nancy Pelosi would take notice of you may hope this kind of gets covered up in the news of is going to be shut down is their budget deal. We're not going to allow that. And that's why I say we'll come back to it. I'm also watching we're watching closely. What congressman Omar saying? What is Nancy Pelosi? Get a say in response if any. Are they going to try to just let this go which I think is what they hoped would happen after the apology. But it wasn't a real apology. Not accepted congressman Omar you have to do better. And so does Nancy Pelosi, and this is not really a partisan issue. I mean, I think if you're a democrat you'd want and supposed to take swift action on this. Because again, you allow this you're going allow this very if you really believe this is such a horrible viewpoint. Why are you empowering them while they're while they're still poking you not Republicans we going after the democrat leadership? Let me play Steve Scalise. This is the GOP whip in the house of Representative here. He is take a listen. Think about this right now, she sits.

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