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You and i are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right well i'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right there's only an up or down our politics it becomes so mean so petty so negative so partisan so angry lawmakers lead them away from rivalries irrelevancies and trivialities to a unity idealism purpose and faith hello welcome the american electorate podcasts your weekly home for non partisan breakdown on the news and discussions regarding political philosophy culture and the process i-in host greg genius this is is episode number two and i have a good short short episode on tap for you this week i have some news i'll get to here in a second you have announced listen to make so last week i was in orlando florida at a conference called podcast movement i got a lot of good ideas for shows so because of that i will be making some changes to through the format the topic hasn't changed the format which aimed slightly and one of the extra week to sorta implement those and it's frustrating because i'm not getting enough content or as much content as i would like to get out but this will for sure help us out down the road now given the fact that that this is the first episode that includes news i wanna take a second explain how each of these opening segments will go to what i'll do is i'll gather the facts from anywhere from two days stories depending on what's happening in the news from sites from all over the the political spectrum left right and center wherever compile those into a paragraph that will be the story summary now day i'm going to be doing one story only due to time constraints after that if necessary i'll go over how each new source chose to cover the story and then provide some analysis you know giving you just a little bit of my opinion now of course with me only doing the maximum stories and of course this is a weekly show some things will get left out some for time reasons in other four simply being non important you know not everything that people in the mainstream media or people on twitter outraged over is actually important and i know that that that statement is very subjective objective so in cages like the two mentioned above i'll open the the segment with YM choosing not to cover a story i prefer this overall format because one it it allows you to make your opinion on the story based off the facts into it makes you aware of any particular narratives or a bias that news source may have but biases can can really be different from source to source and then this is one of the things that i find frustrating people will lump all conservative our all news together in their own separate piles as far as ah bias and decide not to watch or read the content but the reality as you'll see going forward is that the not exactly the same they just aren't you know when looking left sources like neither vox or raw story or helped imposed or jack van or mother jones i mean there's differences different systems between those and places like the atlantic or politico or the guardian or the new york times also this is another reason to diversify your primary highway news sources for example you're on the right and the main two shows that you watch venture pero and steven crowder both shows i watch on a fairly regular basis since i like i said i watch a lot of news and let's say the main left with news sources that they reference you know hypothetically and their our new segments are fox slate in my democrats three very very very very partisan news organizations if these new shows that you watch watch than you're likely getting a very narrow view of what the left may think on certain issues so this is why i wouldn't include more sources more sources you have the more well rounded your your view on what the left and the right things will be now with all that being said like i mentioned earlier due to tank mistreats i'm only doing a one story the seoul this troubling trend continues we've had yet another incident at a nice facility this time in san antonio taxes there were shots fired into one of the buildings which house ice officers and around the same time at another building nearby live where is contract was located this of course was all according to the FBI now here's a quote from all the articles i source i'm going to mention here in a second daniel bible the san antonio e. r. officer director said said quote the political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the american people regarding guarding the ice mission only served to further encourage these violent acts unquote so the sources that i use today were USA today fox news and CNN so here's the contrast this attack is actually the fourth incident on ice facility in the span of a month so i think it would be fair to call this a trend it would also be useful to mention this knee article something CNN totally failed to do both USA today and fox news cited a couple of tweets referencing the location of all four of these situations now those are just the the three sources that i used the two sources that reference it rattler embassy the BBC the washington examiner and i'm sure likely others off all found time to mention this particular fact no the the location dates were amazon or colorado those july twelve tacoma washington question was july fourteenth a washington DC was july sixteenth so those roles spanish just a couple of days and then the previous just mentioned san antonio taxes hatem the thirteenth which was last week i guess i should give CNN some credit they did mentioned the incident in tacoma that of course was the guy who showed onto the ice steger facility with guns and firebombs trying to destroy the place also things worth mentioning fox news references a breitbart tweet that that has a video of a protest that supposedly happened the day before tacoma wash. supposedly because i can't i literally can't find this anywhere else i'm only talking about at this because this is at the top of his article you know i'm not the biggest fan of breitbart and you know like i don't like that i can't find this art who anywhere else this video anywhere else but in the article this they do stay that this is an exclusive video of the protest and here's some of what it sounded like lead gio group is that they operate the broward transitional center the broward transitional center is where the innocence homestead children get taken when they age out eighteenth birthday they give them the great gift of shackles and they get taken to our transition offense shame if healing and uniting the country is actually go let you have then we have to admit that left right we're all collectively at fault here for raising using the temperature because this is definitely not one sided i mean according to the current public standards for inciting violence ailsa could be considered a floor the tacoma incident since the guy referenced her concentration camp in his manifesto but if you say it's not fair to blame her for the actions of the guy which i'm sympathetic to that particular viewpoint but you also blamed trump for nearly all of these shootings that's happened since he's been in office than i would argue that you my friend are special depleting rules for the banana for me that's it thank you so much for joining me this is the second episode of the american like your podcast if you'd like to reach out to me for any reason you can do so politics podcasts at dot com that's politic podcast at schimmel dot com we will have a full fledged episode fool fool about three to four stories maybe five news stories next week then a four second segment going into more detail about the overall themes that i mentioned in the first half of the show and and it's been a little frustrating with the lack of content but i trust me that this is about to change change for the people who have check out my podcast thank you so much and i'll see you next week my friends.

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