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Brought to you by Killebrew root beer, and we are now joined by the new twins second baseman Jonathan scope from his beautiful home on the island of curious. How Jonathan welcome to twins territory and thanks for joining us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me. I have to start as you are home right now. With just the amazing baseball tradition of your home town and your home island going back to your literally which have been well chronicled and Andrew Jones before that. What is it about your home that lends itself to so many amazing baseball players? You know, everybody's Donny baseball since we watch Eddie Jones, and we go to Larry. Eighth diamond the row, you know, as far as baseball is big here. And you know, everybody, you know, we we go to school after school. You know, he goes to the baseball park, and we just say there, they'll device, and then, you know, keep playing defense, I get better and get. Fun. And and tries to be the best way. We can be. Well, I tell you what you came up as a shortstop. You went over to second base and played with some brilliant defensive infield in Baltimore with Machado hardy winning Gold Gloves at shortstop, you'll be at second base. Now here at target field. Now last year offensively you fell off a bit from your all-star type production. Do you feel like that was just a blip? Was it something you identified in your swing in your body that you feel you're ready to bounce back? Let's laugh, and you know, for affect I know I would back. You know, I think I will be better than seventeen I ever really do Caesar. But I think a lot more my tax, and especially with some good guys until you know, the Minnesota guys, you know, Sonoda Fabio, you know, boxing on all those guys. So, you know, a good guy. You know, we have a really good team. So I think I think it will be better because I have some guys who are on me. So you know, and. And they make you get better. You know? And that's what's was it wasn't seasons to learn. I look I look at like, I'm learn from it. You know, I was trying to do too much. You know when wasn't. My way into some watch. You know, I got hurt and come back and beat your insight to you know, to everything in one day. So you know, I was trying to do so much. And I think I take out the lesson lesson, and you know, to to prepare for better though, some nineteen so the eighteen it's hard to wear ready. And you know, it's it's it's learning a lot from it. And give me better. Gas guest is Jonathan scope new twins second baseman now last year free agency kind of on and a lot of guys didn't sign till very late. Still hasn't been a big rush of signings. How much of a priority was it for you to find a team early in this off season. Yes, you know. It was it was them. You know, what's the, you know to sign early, you know, because you see the market sometime, you know, wait, you know, too long. Guys, are you know, and for me, you know, and that's why we're the figure right away. Oh, we got. I was trying to go to. So that way so software. What's the easy option for me? You know because see the guys for me and. Offend the damage, you know. So I think it was a good fit, and you know, the manager rocks. Are Cecilia does. I was happy to pay for it. You know? So the was yours and guys. What's good? And you know, it's a win win young. But I think we already be there ready to is the damage the race to win Jonathan scope is our guest in the prime of of his career. He'll be the second baseman for the twins. Now, speaking of lessons you played for the Dutch team than other ones team in the world baseball classic and had to share a dugout with your Dutch pitching coach Burt bly Levin who you'll now be around again and you survived that. So I mean, it can't get a whole lot tougher than dealing with Bert in the dugout. Can't it. I it will get better. Get better. You know, it's all. And you know, is is if so now it's got a better better. You know, and I'm happy to be there with him. Have some fun with you know, and we're so bogus. One other thing about you that people may not realize outside of Baltimore is your big chess guy, you play a lot of chess. And that was something that in the Orioles clubhouse became kind of a bigger deal. What is it about chess that you like in what part of chess in the strategy and the skill required. Maybe reminds you of baseball. Yeah, we're big. But you know at all. This is Jess Manny stuffing saw. Kirby. And those guys, you know, I think, you know, like where you open up, you know, you gotta defend saucy got off. And so it's kind of thing as a baseball game. You know, you gotta be there for the day. And sometimes you gotta make someone much between the game. So they gotta be Jocelyn, you know, bad. So the same thing, you know, you gotta open up with with a fun and forty over differently. Yo, you gotta you gotta change your mind ain't gotta change change. Sergei fanning this on the different side of the same way. You know, you gotta pitcher way but some weight bathtub between the the game. We gotta you gotta switch a little bit that very well said and finally just to make folks here in twins territory jealous. How warm is it right now where you are. Eighty seven and you're looking out at the ocean. Probably not on the ocean. Well, Jonathan we're excited to have you on board hearing twins territory. We appreciate your time. Can't wait to catch up the twin pack chessboard, and we'll see up here before too long. Thank you. So I'm I'm happy to be there. You know? Jonathan scope twins.

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