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Stoker wrote that book and during his form of God. It's you know, what I said to Gowrali just a few minutes ago before we started recording. Could you do me a favor when I know about something can you not then reveal that, you know, more. It was it was kidding. But you do have an incredible amount of knowledge and every time I think I've got this one. I know a lot about Ulysses s grant's second term. I know a lot about the teapot dome scandal girly sits there like a cat that ate the canary just licking his lips. And then you lean in and go I actually own grants. Corpse I bought it auction. But I don't do this to one up here. Do this the augment and have a conversation. There is no relationship. No augment. There's no augment. There's only one up in my world. You know, you didn't hog meant you you one up. Do you made me look like a fool? I'm sorry front of my loyal podcast listeners. Well, we're probably wondering why it's taking me so long to start today. So let's get to cones. That nickname. Well, today, I'm very excited because we're going to talk to someone I really really love and I enjoy her comedy so much, and I will say this. I do think she's the opposite of me in so many ways, and that's one of the reasons I like her so much she's the anti Cohn, and and I love her for that, Nicole buyer. Is here, Nicole. I think we have good chemistry. Whenever you're on my show. Yeah. This is one of the reasons I really wanted to talk to you on the podcast every time uniform people like oh my God, get Nicole back. It's so funny when you tour together because we don't know how to put it. We have a good yin Yang kind of thing. Going on here. Very good straight man to my Ouagadougou nece. I didn't know. Yes. It is. I did look it up. Yes. In Webster's in it, isn't wanka doodle nece. Yes. Yes. Yes. But is fun is you we all make a caricature a little bit out of our real selves comedy. But the truth is, I am when you peel away all the layers. I am a repressed person. I am uptight and I grew up in a world where nobody talked about sex. And so when I'm with you, and you come out, and you're this force of nature, and you are the complete opposite people. Love your hilarious. So they love laughing all the things you're saying. And then I think there are lapses they just cut to me. And I look queasy her. Very funny in very perfect. And and it's it's based somewhat in in reality, yet the way our interviews come across is the way my life with my sister is I say a lot of wild things and she's like, please stop. My sister's very tiny and quiet, and does it lays sexual things. Please stop it. So you and you probably makes you go further. It makes me so happy to say awful things to her because I just love her face when she's like, oh,.

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