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Leave it here this is lines radio we remain free if you are heading out and about I two seventy five south bound at eight miles left the right shoulder slows due to construction I two seventy five south on it eight mile that ran fear that exit ramp also closed as part of that same projects if you're traveling I seventy five north bound between fort St Schaefer and Clark street the two left lanes are close they are just the right lane is open until further notice I'm tired aware W. J. R. traffic and weather first Michigan state football and basketball and every Detroit Lions team plays here seven sixty W. J. R. hi Susan I general manager Chevrolet most of us and figured out there are no new car lease payments under a hundred dollars a month those ads come with large down payments and lots of hidden fees don't waste your time straight to Gordon Chevrolet everything you're entitled to plus a no hassle experience in an accurate payment nothing changes in eighteen different payment a lease option from home to Gordon Chevrolet and Ford road just west Gordon Chevrolet rose for over sixty years eastern Michigan distributors has been the go to building materials supplier of metro Detroit they stock ins Corning I KO shingles and more all year long and now is the perfect time to stock up on bags rock salt and calcium chloride products that are safer for decks roofs autos incident safer for pets as well visit the Detroit himself to locations to pick up a few bags or give them a call for a pallet pricing and delivery options check out the shingles selection to visit eastern Michigan distributors dot com for more information and directions line.

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