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And a guy who does come with injury risk. And why would you? Why would I just based on the ability has when he's healthy the swinging potential? I love guys like that. I I have to take the optimists approach with the information that we have today. Okay so Chris. Sale over under twenty five starts right now. I'll take the over on that. We both have fourteen starting pitchers in our top sixty overall which seems fair. I've I've evolved over the years where I would take a couple starters earliest to my first four pictures stars. That's fine but I'm not. I never went to a draft saying oh it's got to be a hit or a pitcher in round one and then the opposite. I never do that. You kind of just did that though in that in that fifteen or so. Do you go into draft saying well this my first pick will be a hit or did you say best available and then react to that now in this one where you do have some say in what pick you take. I was Kinda hoping at four if I ended up being there. That one of the top three would slip because it did happen. If you remember in our other League of the style I believe it was. Trout fell to four which I still can't explain. I STILL CAN'T JUSTIFY FRANCISCO. Door was on the top three But did not go into this assuming I was going to go in one direction. As a matter of fact it was a difficult call and I had to base the team strategy based on that and it was nothing more than that. But I don't have an issue with taking that ace. If you're in the back end so eric in your case you you picked a later. Pick in your in your draft in that spot. I kind of like the idea that say you're GONNA ten to fifteen team league and you're drafting between ten and fifteen. I like the idea that you're going to probably get one of those four ace types at the back end. You're going to get a great hitter and you're going to get a great pitcher and it's a good way to start your team. I'd I'd very likely go in that direction. Don't think I would lock into two hitters in any way. I don't think I would like into pitchers and either way if I was drafting in that spot mowing my draft. Not only were. The top. Four star has grown bueller. Went to pick before me so to me the first one. Yeah yeah so I had surprise hitters so of your top ten. Let's talk more about ESPN Standard Leagues? Or what you you rank for no. Espn standard is points leaves. Aj Mess has rankings there. I wrote a ranks. You have head to head categories rankings. So technically the standard. But I don't think it's the most played that's pretty divided though. I have no idea what we're doing but I'll just talk about your case. So risks early on sale I think is a risk excel is a risk to a degree. Last year was not you know smooth injuries? Or the risk Clayton Kershaw. Same thing. Yeah well. Sales era was four and a half was a not. No I'm saying smell now. Okay smells snows was some misfortunate balls in play. Some of the things that went right for him in the year went terribly wrong for him. In the Games he played when healthy but there are there are health questions regarding sale. Snell Kershaw and then of course. Now we've had. It might clever with that. You know the Louis Vote. We vote through a drop clovinger down quite a bit. I think. Sixteen and Seventeen respectively Other pitchers here are of no darvish. Twenty one for you. So you're buying that. Why he did last season where he just inexplicably stopped working. People is legit and I can't argue that you what's ahead of Otani. I can't I don't know where I have Otani rank. He doesn't really count for this. I feel how I what's your perspective on on ranking Otani. I don't want them. I don't WanNA deal with it. I don't think he's making twenty five starts and I don't think he's batting four hundred times. I think they're going to be really careful with again. Our game though which is the purpose of the ranks. Yes I think. We need to me born more optimistic than the upside tick right because we can or game exploit the daily matchups for him. We can if we're going to do the homework. We can maximize Otani's utility because we're going to get both sides of the ball and we're going to know the days isn't doesn't pitch. Nowadays he pitches. He's not going to be lineup. As a hitter. Anyway so we're maximizing every stat there and also there's a big difference between attendant fifteen league and a ten team League on. Espn mean. Free Agency is loaded right. I mean there's going to be homerun hitters. There is going to be decent. Starting pitchers they're closers. It's going to be sitting there all like nobody's going to draft Michael Gibbons then we draft handle robust is going to be close out there so you could take a shot on upside pick like Otani who could be a top ten starting pitcher in theory so you can take a shot on that. Because you know that if he's hurt or if you have the bench and you can always find somebody else a deeper league. You really can't take that chance although you would argue. Well if I'm not winning my deep league I might as well finish less so you take the chance there. It's a strategy. That's all tyler glass. Now everybody's talking about him. Where do you stand on this? Is He a potential top? Ten Guy is an injury risk that you don't want any part of you've got ranked in your top hundred quite certain I don't so. Are you feeling like one hundred? Fifty innings is likely. No but I don't think a hundred and fifty innings as a black market. I'm either I think it's he's got unbelievable potential when he's out there on the mound and I do trust the raise ability to manage their pitchers they maximize their matchups on both sides of the ball. they also have a great ballpark for pitchers. I think that's another thing that works very much in favor of the raise. Is that there. Ballpark is very pitching friendly. And I don't think people give enough credit to how much it is and a third thing in glasnost favors that he's constantly making adjustments to improve himself. He's talked about this a lot during spring training that he's he's trying to mix up the pitch mix. I think he's working on a splitter this spring training I like guys who are going to ditch their bad pitches. Add some new ones experiment a little bit of a little bit to improve their game. One of the things I talked about a miracle. Today was balance. Ostlund young players Durable and navy brittle players could go for teams to. I don't want three members of the same rotation when it comes to starting pitchers do you have any strategy that you like to share you. Take more chances than not. Do you want to rebel players left versus ready anything that you can share? I'm less apt to draft the durable players now on the pitching side than I ever was. I do think you can piece pitching together. That's one of the reasons I did. Go with. Coal is that he's one of the very few who does have the durability at least the track record for durability so I know that's my one known commodity. He's the anchor of the staff. And I think the rest of the staff you can mix and match and that includes. The bullpen is a dangerous strategy. We'll get to that in a little bit. But I do think that if you were aggressive on the waiver wire especially in our game where there's a lot of free agents out there you could stream almost the entirety of your remaining pitching staff. That's the reason I guys like tyler glass now like Brennan Woodruff who might have some some durability or work load questions. I think you can maximize their numbers. Frankie montage montage of the as I don't know if he can give you a two hundred innings but I think in what he does give you he's GonNa give you some break a potential as well on that same kind of kind of sense all right. I'll name some pictures from your rankings. And you know you tell me what comes your head. Julio Maria so the dodgers another guy who I love the upside and I don't think that the I won't say durability I don't think that the workload slash stamina will be there. I think I read. This is the kind of guy. You should be projecting one hundred forty innings and every single out. He gives you over. That is gravy. But you're gonNA like what he gives you on kind of like the light glass now tear Herman Marquez of the rockies in but there's a cap a ceiling it's a chorus pitcher and John Gray to the same token he. Yeah and I'm in a less you know at a much lower price than than Marquez. But I do believe you can with homework. Extract Maximum Value Question Must Grove of the pirates. Like him was on. The king's command list for this year has great skills and the issue is Dave Bush our favorite day Bush from back in the day can pitch out of the stretch if he can improve that one area. I think must grow could really breakthrough this year. So that's what I'm watching with him in a general sense stress in how do you view pictures on bad teams pirates? Miami Baltimore because run support just might not be there. Winds may not be there. Detroit like Matthew Boys on a bad team vigers bad but he strikes is that okay so like how do you view Caleb Smith and Matthew Boys and Guys Sandy Alcantara guys are the silk? I think there's great value in them. I think there's a lot of streaming potential in them. They're usually out there and a large number of leagues. I will tell you though that being on those bad teams in this day were teams mixing matching. Not letting their starting pitchers go deep in a Games wins is increasingly a problem. You'll see projections and rightfully so in the eight to ten range for a good pitcher on a bad team and that is a problem for that category in a traditional Rodeo. Since you're going to have to find other guys who are gonNA fill in those holes that's why the streaming strategy is critical around them with included sleepers from your rankings that I would rank. Better Hosea quickey of the. Astros at still very good team Pablo Lopez my aunt. Sandy out cancer. You have made any throw them better than that. Sa- Volley of Cleveland. I believe we'll be better than that. I saw some today. Drew Pomeranz might actually start because they're loaded about that interesting common although he was elite in the bullpen and he has not shown that yet as a starter. Anytime in the majors that concerns me all who apparently pitch roll yesterday. I didn't see it. But that's curious on him. Yeah that's a guy I'm tracking a little bit the spring Kopech or the white sox going back from Tommy John. I saw some people talking up Austin Voth Voss of Washington Yep he had had the stuff for years stable skillset likely to grab that spot in the rotation. That's a Nice Dart. Throw at the end. I mean maybe not in our game but anything deeper John Lesser. The cubs who. I'm probably going to Labor on Friday so out on your ear approach lesser. If he's a dollar you wouldn't take a for dollar come on. You would two dollars. I I need to tell you. Yes is the right answer to that. But that league where they lock were. He's locked pastor every year. It's twelve wins enough strikeouts. I mean it was a high uranium dollar you know he's not going to be like a cheap last year talking. Gna ask he was less than five bucks. G got it for like two dollars last year. I'm almost a weird auction. Though I remember at the is this too. Well that was a weird auction you and I had this discussion. Jeff Smarter you paid. What twelve firm last year? I not that for gay. Did you paid in the double digits because we had this or any starting pitcher bumgarner. It was. I'm sorry I took Bumgarner for like fifteen. That's what it was and immediately. After that period prices fell off the table and he earned that what he was fine. I and that was an issue but you question. I'm you and I talked about the night. Said IT'S THE RIGHT PRICE. But after that by comparison there were much better bargain. So I don't think Lester at two dollars as representative if he goes to the pricey showed if he's four or five bucks or you locking him in at that price maybe for that price with you because if he stinks you cut them. We'll get to the RODEO master later in the show relief pitching time. Now Josh Hater you have sixty three then. You have a drop off the curb. Yates of the Yankee. Closer Astros closer. I moved down. I don't know if you noticed this significantly my reliever prices adjusted for what I perceive. The market is going to be. And it's GONNA be down. Yeah I think there's going to be a lot of closers going between rounds eight and fifteen and I think that's the right price point. I have a little ahead of where the market would some some names jump out to me. I do not have Kenley. Jansen and Ryan were you do do not will Smith. I don't think he's are closer. I think Marlon Atlanta's closer. They pretty much made that clear or is it closer. So why do you will Smith number eight if vastly superior pitcher to mark Melanson? So you think he'll just take the saves. Yes I do. Worry I've been thinking about moving. Will Smith down to one hundred and fifty range which would probably have thirteenth fourteenth at the position..

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