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Two. Platonic ring of fire right there. Boy, I'll tell you something which talking about Jeff Bezos head of Masan worth one hundred thirty plus billion with a B hundred thirty plus billion dollars. So he apparently they're getting divorced, and it's an amicable divorce with his wife MacKenzie, and now she's dating who did you say, he's dating. All right. So this woman is Lawrence Sanchez, quite the colorful history here. She apparently was married to former NFL player whereas Tony Gonzalez as she has a teenage son from that first marriage. She was dating a Hollywood mogul, Matthew. What is this Patrick white cell? He's a Hollywood talent mogul, she's a former TV anchor for FOX's good day LA, quite an attractive woman forty nine she's also a helicopter pilot. Apparently, she got to know bazo through her husband. NFL tonic dinner at Redmond. Be the couple this. Patrick Lauren had socialized with Jeff Bezos and his wife for a few years. They have houses in Seattle. And then listen to this Lauren was hired to work on one of Jeff Bezos projects, blue origin. A space launch company has a helicopter pilot. She had been shooting aerial shots for bazo. Well, now, my platonic friend does not have a helicopter. She's not a pilot. I'm not hiring her for any projects. So man now, apparently, although they've been separated basis in MacKenzie for about a year, and then Jeff and Lauren apparently started dating apparently this woman is also separated from her husband. So I guess McCain. I guess the Japanese will soon to be ex wife is well aware situation. However, Washington being a community property state meeting divorcing couples without an existing agreement split their assets. Fifty fifty Frank give MRs basis on a family, please. Divi to into one hundred thirty seven Josh. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Man, joking. And we wish them all the best. And I'd like to amicable they're not screaming at each other via the media. You know, Dr Keith apple will join us momentarily after out does the news. I mean, I'm nationally as Keith about the whole relationship thing. It's it's such a it's a minefield. It's a minefield, by the way, you know. What's the adage, Frankie? Fibro always tell you. What would he do? It would any relationship you with your first wife. Bingo, stay with you first way. Because you know, what you think I'll go here all a never works out. It's all it's gonna seem great at first. All this is so exciting. Nope. You're gonna go right back to where you were you. I you know, what was happier before could have been and stay with your first way. Clean. The only good thing is you have beautiful children. And so like like like, I always look at my kids. I always think I always thankful to their mothers for blessing me with such beautiful children. Danielle D Martinez. A booth will join us Seth baron assembly member, Nicole Malet Tackett, do we get we take off for two weeks. Or ten days. Do we get paid? Now. We do we actually we already have the paid vacation shitty. We do. I did. I know idea. Thank you. So that's one of the problems with this legislation is most companies if they can afford to offer their employees paid vacation they do. Right. So the the companies that this is really going to hurt our small business. So can't afford to offer paid vacation to their employees. There's very few ogre like employers of six seven eight people that say, oh where we can afford to give all of you paid vacation. But we're just not doing it. They want businesses in New York City want to attract the best talent that there is around the world, especially small businesses. So if they can offer an incentive for paid vacations, they do all this is going to do is take businesses that can't afford to offer paid vacation paid personal time. They're calling it and make an mandate. That they do. So what's going to happen small businesses and mid sized businesses are not going to be able to afford to? So wait a second. If you let's say you work for a small company of ten fifteen employees, right? Or let's say it's twenty employees, and you never take vacation. So you work fifty two weeks straight, and that person has to pay you. If you take two weeks off the person was still paying you fifty two weeks. Anyway, what's the difference? In another words, if you never took vacation at this company, you'd still be getting paid the guy the employer would have to pay you every week. No matter what the difference is the employer now has to hire someone to fill your shoes for two weeks. The bottom line is this guys don't dictate to me how to run my business from the government can't do anything except for the military, the United States military. God bless him. I'm the government. Can't do anything right there. Bungling? I know if you want to slow up, you're like deal with the United States government. I'm the deal with the local government deal with the state government. It's people who cannot get real jobs in the real world go to work for the government. And God bless them. They have to make living. I understand that. But you give it to talk to the IRS. Jeff have got to talk to the State Department of taxation you ever tried to talk to do we get a do? We have any voice in the tolls in when we go through in and out of New York with any what we have nothing to say, they just use us as a just as the our backs they will put tax after-tax after tax, and it's it's disingenuous and it's wrong for a politician to tell the small businessperson. What to do? Let me go to Eddie before we break. He's been holding for awhile. Good morning. Eddie, welcome to the show. Happy new year. What's on your mind this morning? My friend. Thanks, joe. I wanted to find out I read that the members of congress still get paid either. Even though there's a shutdown. Yeah. Great question. We're gonna I'll check that out. I'm not sure. But I think they are. I think they are. And then I heard somebody saying, oh, Donald Trump. Got a raise Don Trump. So taking a salary. I mean, I think they're like talk about derangement syndrome, the Eddie, you're right on the money any buddy in Washington that is Representative should not get health and benefits should not get any perks should not get paid. You wanna shut down and should be law. It should be law. If you're gonna call for shutdown you should not get a dime. And you know, I don't know how much of those people that we need. How many of those government workers really do we need? But you know, there are a lot of them that do have families are waiting for. You know, they live check by check paycheck by paycheck. Don't NF if causes shut down then you don't get paid. And I know for a fact, you know, and you know, that to the president is not the Big Joe Piscopo on the radio, Keith I blow. Oh, you don't wanna miss getting into with Keith AB blow and then genie's angels. Gonna join us this morning as well. Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine Frankie five boroughs in the house. Big altitude low standing by right now with the headline news just for us on AM nine hundred seventy the answer..

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