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W. North bound and South bound between spurred to 80 highways to 87 2, 87, Decatur, Cut off and now in house from the W B A P Weather desk Here's meteorologist. Rad Barton. All right. Thank you. Don. We're gonna be here throughout the night to watch the snow Is it moves in and possibly moves out early tomorrow morning. We are seeing some snow across the area right now. Some flurries east Dallas County up to rock wall along I 30. Some flurries, actually, right on top of DFW Airport looks like And then back to the Northwest. Little bit more pretty good little snow back toward the dent in Decatur buoy up in Montana County and around Gainesville. Little heavier snow up in Oklahoma, But at any rate, we are starting to see at least flurries in this area. And at this point were the weather service and also the storm Prediction Center up in Oklahoma. There watching this pretty pretty carefully. There will apparently be some real heavy snow up in Oklahoma. And there could be a few heavier bands here, but probably no more than one inch per hour. That's still pretty good snow, so we'll continue watch that as it moves on through our low by morning, we'll be 15 to 20 degrees, but whole lot better and one below zero. And then tomorrow is no should be ending. I'd say, probably mid morning if not sooner. High of 26 lows 16 to 20 wins out of northeast 10 to 20 so pretty good wind chills. Thursday Partly cloudy and 29 finally above freezing on Friday. Let me update the current conditions around here is well, like, Get those four. Hold on. Everything's run a little bit slow here tonight, including me. 17 DFW Airport 19 at Dallas Love. Denton did not report McKinney is 18. Arlington is 20. So we're in the upper teens generally to a 20 degrees across the area. Wind chills are barely Above zero and again snow moving in for the next several hours. Live from the W B A T Weather center. I'm Brad Martin. Thank you, Brad. Federal regulators say they're launching an inquiry into the operations of the bulk power system during the severe winter storm that left millions without power in sub freezing temperatures here in Texas and in other states, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation announced this inquiry today. Officials say the immediate emphasis.

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