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An appointment yesterday you can come back today Houston congressman Dan Crenshaw getting high marks the way he handled H. B. O.'s bill Maher this weekend Crenshaw telling are you don't have to like Donald Trump to respect him saying he doesn't disrespect or he didn't then president Obama when he Crenshaw was wounded in the Gulf War I was genuinely happy to shake that man's hand and have him sign a Merican plaque on my wall and you know even though we would disagree on on political things and I would like us to get to that point with this president as well what an interview was posted at KJRH dot com the look at that more help may soon be on the way for small business during Sunday's White House briefing of the task force president trump said lawmakers could have an agreement for expanding the paycheck protection program that's one for small businesses by as early as today we're continuing to negotiate with the Democrats to get our aid workers and small businesses all over the country taking care of I think we getting close to a deal stimulus legislation that was established a three hundred fifty billion dollar fund for small business it was depleted last Thursday Republicans want to do and initially infuse two hundred fifty billion more immediately but the Democrats held up the approval they said they want more money for some other things that they want to add the nation's largest oil field services company posted eighth seven point four billion dollar loss in the first quarter Houston based numbers A. that's who it is S. as oil prices have hit a twenty year low going as low as eleven dollars a barrel demand continuing to fall during this outbreak the company CEO says the second quarter is likely going to be even worse more than eighty seven hundred oilfield service jobs in Texas Oklahoma Colorado lost just in April including six thousand at Weatherford nearly twelve hundred Halliburton help wanted sign those out at Walmart the nation's largest grocers hiring an additional fifty thousand people after filling a hundred and fifty thousand just recently Walmart looking for cashiers personal shoppers delivery drivers and workers for its distribution and fulfillment centers we've got a link to those jobs at KTR H. dot com now we go to Michael berry I'm sure fryer and uses news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE it's that time time lock and load is on the air we got a I don't you just over the weekend a headline the national newspaper it said having lost jobs Americans.

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