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A can catch the ball that makes sense he would defend now son jeffrey loves injured guys unless that and lots on march online choose really never been injured his career but go ahead that's so no outs on jeffrey is a great wide receiver and and so carson wentz look he was drafted to be most people mo i would say the majority thought carson wentz was the better quarterback over jared goff did yeah i know i know you did i know most analysts that they said carson wentz or been the number one quarterback to can if he's really that good and you get in these weapons going in the year to you could see a guy who is probably going drafted in in yeah with thirty single quarterback leagues thirty seven hundred yard sixteen touchdowns i'm going to get it done in fantasy last year's numbers you put some weapons behind him i think it's going to take another year to before yeah so to citing these doesn't really have excuses this year though now for a while yeah i mean second year that's a good excuse wide receivers that we game winners in free agency pure gar saw head to san francisco mike wallace back in baltimore robert woods heading to los angeles the play for the rams and rashad matthews and todd's a sharp wide receiver still in place in tennessee didn't sign anybody big and then corey coleman i put down there i believe corey coleman to take a step forward with good health this year in cleveland a good running game so who's the guy the biggest from that group that you want to talk for me the guy want to talk about real quick is mike wallace yes because we we didn't talk about him when he signed that much because this show is coming up and he he was almost my biggest winner in the sense that i just want.

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