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Like how is that? How was that a conflict of interest? That's allowed. You're the same agent helps you get both players, but the same agent when when LeBron left and Houston was on the phone with a max offer and Miami was told max max, he will leave for Houston anything less than the max. And when they were told, hey that some of your other clients money will deal with that. When we get to an end up harming the relationship for a while there between Wade and the Miami, Heat, I do want to get your thoughts though on what ver- Lander said what's to God said about ver- Lander. And what it is that you've got for us on Kareem hunt. Cody right now. What's wrong with doing it? Right. Okay. I it's just a lot because I was going to say something about Bausch. And then you're hitting me these other things going to be a very confusing for you. We're in the middle of a box conversation. We keep cutting you off on the other stuff. I mean, I do understand why Greg would be a bit gun shy and a bit confused at this point. But the question right now in the middle of a segment, not his best border up a segment gun shy. I thought the harder. I'm looking at the time. I'll just started the hard network out was going to happen. Two seconds in a row, Greg. What's so hard to understand? He wants your verte Lander and Kareem hunt take in the middle of this. Chris Bosh discussion. Exactly. Right. So which you want, you know, what does it matter who wanna go alphabetically when I don't want is right now. Like, you're asking me right now. That's what I don't want. The only thing. I don't want is you stopping the segment to ask me what I want. What talk about whatever the hell. You wanna talk about here. Let's spin the wheel of issues for Greg. Cody. Let's go. Medically ver-. Lander ahead of Bosch, go. Let's spin the wheel of issues for Greg. Cody, and whatever it is. That it lands on. You can talk about Kareem hunt. Justin, ver- Landau or. Or chris. Okay. What did it land on hobos? Do you have any logo? Saw the update on our favorite team, rich liberals. Here's the head coach in prison football operation. Rick, cody. Well, let's the off season. The Lobos are preparing for the NFL draft the thirty third we call. The Lobos the thirty third because we are tantamount to an NFL expansion franchise. We're going to be in the draft this coming April. I don't know if the NFL has announced that are not we're picking thirty third number thirty three in the first round. We're looking for a quarterback as you know, the Lobos, although it's a p p our fantasy league the Lobos like Horner banks more than more than dual running backs, which is probably why the Lobos have never won a Lobos league championship. That's all for now. If I need to explain myself on why it is that I moved quickly from Bosch ver- Lander and hunt with Cody very nicely. I have to put in front of him the thing that we're talking about. I don't trust him to talk about something that he hasn't been prepared to talk about. I don't trust him to talk about something. He has been prepared to talk because I was ready for the Lobos talk in in in late February, I was ready for that. The only thing you're prepared for let's spin the wheel again ver- Lander Kareem hunt or Chris Bosh, which one would you like to talk about Greg Cody? God. Killing me. Okay. That is someone saying in Greg Cote easier soup of the day. Do a soup of the day. He doesn't know how to react on his feet. Which is the reason I have to set the topic up for him on ver- Lander the way that I did. Because at how he reacts on his feet. He just reacts to something that was said only in his ear do soup of the day so loudly I heard it through his earpiece sitting next all producing him. I mean, everyone said it someone's had said we should have retired on logos. Do you know understand? Why do it the way that I do it as everyone criticizes me, what do you have on Verlinden code now at the wheel fell on?.

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