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It was purely by chance really because it was for this exam but actually she's kind of hit on the thing that works for me so we have been in lockdown. I carry on doing this home. I still do it three times a week. And actually i really enjoy it. And i'm a bit sort of a bit obsessed with it now. Which is what happens. Isn't it as they say. Get into a habit and then you don't want to get out of it again and that's exactly what happened device. I wasn't very well a couple of weeks ago. Missed it for a week. But then as soon as best roles like right back on it on it and Yes really good really enjoying it. So the moral of the story is find within the web's for you really because when you find the thing that works for you then you're much find much easier to stick at it. Whatever that is. Let's exercise science or other things. So yeah was my little story on the berlin moral to and we should forbid tell people iran. Listen i. i'm just isn't an exercise. The story and i'm was always not untalkative more about to actually And it will not to anybody. Who is this with us long. Anybody who's maybe my name is steph. Run run creations. And i am. The regular hoods is focused on if the toy to storytelling with puck. Hasn't given away. This podcast is all about stories Even stories about exercise may about so shannon stories. We'll chat about stories and we'll see how stories in the business well too but of course we could not do any of this without a wonderful guests so net starts this podcast late by introducing the amazing trixie hooper. What did you tell us about interesting. Yes i'm tracy. I'm a personal style coach. Which i have been doing for the last twelve years and the main thing i do is i work with women professional women to help them create a look that gives a great first impression of themselves in business but as well as that was more important to me is that they feel confident to go out and do whatever they need to do in that business and that's offline as well as online first impressions are just as important online as they are offline. So yeah that's mainly what i do. And there's lots of things tied up with that but that basically in a in a sentence or two is what. I take that that sounds like. You've you've said that a few times before and you know how to explain it though because It's a pretty well. i love it. And what is actually is is kind of a link to a story that's linked to the story. You just told what are you about your business and about how you help people to feel confident in themselves. What you saw was about. I i i think was as you say. Get into understand what works for you. Get into understand how you are able to enjoy some thinking. Get into the habit. I'm into the process. Do you think that relates in some way to teach your clients as well as to what works absolutely yes hundred percent what it's all about. It's it's about me helping them understand things like that body shape. The skin tone The personality all those things are what what is going to work best for them as an individual taking all of those elements and also the thing i love about working with professional. Women is the all stylists worked with body shake cala personality. I love adding in the extra dimension of. What's.

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