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And then they just had a rash of other defensive injuries which sealed the deal week. Fifteen so this team was a mash unit on defense by the end of the year and really crippled early in the air. So apparently austin powers is to outdated of reference for aj. so when you say mash injuries. Which i i guess. That's more of a. i mean. Obviously it was a show. But i think that's more of are you know a the armed forces term but is your. There's probably people that use that term. Have no idea what references now. It's been a tv. Now again. i. I'm a fan of Pro football focus is. They actually started something. I don't know if you saw it's called wins lost injury or they had another name but it wasn't as good as i 'cause what they do for each player is have a war right. Which is same as baseball is wins over replacement. I guess and so the theory is okay. Like a quarterback's words big debate about running backs. Is you know chop how many wins izzy worth and how much is a win. How many millions is it worth in salary and all that debate right and if you think about it when you say someone's worth half a point okay well six or seven. Let's say seventeen games now. So there's going to be about eight points in change okay. A win is thirty. Five eight divided by thirty five one fourth quarter of a win. So that's what they're doing in their own way right which is really good because once you have that number you can do it with anything to how many how many war wins. Did they lose the injury. Because when you just look like you said games lost the guy who's not any better than his backup verse prescott. Okay so it's not split by offense or defense but looking at it. The vikings worthy least injured team in the nfl. They lost point. Three seven wins and that is the last in the nfl. Now doesn't change that. I think your case though it's reverse engineer saying well we know based on games loss third and you made the case. These were valuable players. Unquestionably but intrude. Let's be honest defensive players. Don't get a ton of credit in the pf model and price truth to that. So defense isn't as important as it used to be. But i think your case is very valid that the vikings should be a lot better on defense. And i would make one last point and this was just something i dug into coincidentally last year. They're they're d-backs so they drafted too young. The bags one was her and then throughout the year about four or five of them got some real time young ones and they all look pretty decent so it looks like now hurt him. Last year gives them experience and a little bit adapt this year because they they kind of hit on some of those e back and it makes sense they hit on something because they had more draft picks and anybody else in the nfl the last two years and so many draft picks in the covert year just wasn't going to benefit them as much speaking a covert and we're talking with steve fabric. I'm not the host. So aj hoffman. I'm rj bell. Just just rj. No big deal. I wanted to mention. Listen to the listen to know joe man. That was coincidental. Sure i was going to mention the one of the one of the real areas that minnesota struggled especially in the second half. Last season was their special teams. They were disaster second half of the year second half of the year. Yeah dan bailey was a mess. Missed a bunch of field goals. That's obviously going to be there. Were thirty first. Here's the thing. And i don't know i don't think we've ever discussed this is if you look at Special teams rankings especially those like four or five teams that have any correlation year-over-year the patriots the ravens kansas city. It's a small group otherwise it's almost purely random so my thought would be. How much do we look year over year with special okay. That's fair kicking was bad last season. And it's a great point. Aj brings up if it is indeed random. You get a team. Like the vikings eighth and offense football. Outsiders numbers eighteenth on defense even with all those injuries. Wait a minute. Why didn't this team contend for a playoff berth. The thirty first and special teams bailey. Missing all those kicks. They go out and replace dan. Bailey with a guy named greg joseph. Have you guys heard of this greg. Joseph character no. He was an undrafted way way way. He went to the technical school when i was in high school. Okay well the hell delis bottom. Oh actually go ahead. Signed by the dolphins in two thousand eighteen as an undrafted free agent spent time with realized that there's only like two kickers decade that are drafted. Sure all gonna be undrafted free. That's fair spent time with the dolphins brown's panthers titans bucks and now he's with his six team in less than three years. Something tells me this. Guy's not the next justin talker. I remember when morten andersen you're going on signed free agent when the saints got him. Did he get kicked around six teams before three years in the league. It happens along man it happens. I i'm not listen. They're going to get worse. They're going to have the thirty second best kicker in the world. That's a great point in the thirty second. Best kicker make seventy five percent of his field goals. These days. i'm not worried about acres was weird is when the bears spent all that time worrying about kickers then kind of gets in their head a little then they got this guy santos they just pick up off the street and he's perfectly good. What's funny is you want to hear something. Wild wild is my best body. Who's a coach or an administrator. So she kind of thing but his older brother was a kicker at a small school capital university in ohio. A division three school and he was drafted in the nfl as a kicker So i think it was a six round and eighty three check. Check either was dragged in eighty three but he was a straight on kicker real. Yeah old school never made it. But there was like three or four but think about how many acres have been drafted and this was think six route so back. Then there was like twelve rounds. But if you'd say in the seventh round or.

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