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This is Fox News. Seven oh to Gary Lewis with you can S T AM seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk. So the Goldwater institute they have not given up. Thank goodness. They are appealing the decision that let Pima counties huckster Chuck hawkenberry getaway with basically using our money and going behind closed doors to work at a deal to pay for and build worldviews complex. You have to hear the latest. Why they're doing it? And how they may win. It's coming up. Here's the news. He gave it one more try. I'm Greg Paul K N S T news, retiring Arizona, Republican Senator Jeff flake makes what is likely his last attempt to get these special counsel independence and integrity act to the floor of the Senate rise today for the third time in the past two months to defend the integrity of our political process by defending the ongoing investigation led by special counsel. Robert muller. The Bill passed the Senate Judiciary committee in April by a bipartisan vote of fourteen to seven the Bill was blocked again by an objection from Jordi leader, Mitch McConnell A Tucson tax. Prepare will be sentenced in March after pleading guilty to two counts of preparing false tax returns. The IRS says that starting in twenty twelve Joseph Vosper Vosper gonna associates filed returns for clients that claimed fake businesses fake business, losses and inflated charitable contribution expenses Vosper admitted to falling false claims and expenses worth more than four hundred fifty seven thousand dollars. And if you don't like photo radar, you're going to like this story this city of L Mirages paying back nearly one hundred thousand dollars to drivers who are ticketed for going too fast in an illegal speed trap. The speed limit their dropped more than ten miles per hour from forty to twenty five which violate state law. The city.

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