ROY, Tom Llamas, Alabama discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Saying in preliminary exit polls the results tonight voters are almost evenly split on the allegations against roy more forty nine percent call them definitely or probably true 45 percent definitely or probably false did it factor into their decision forty percent say they were one of several factors in their decision 55 percent say they were minor or no factor at all and when asked which candidate shares voters values 49 percent say doug jones shares their values forty six percent say void more abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas in alabama leading us off tonight really more today galloping through the polls but tried to cast a vote for himself as rocky as the last month of his campaign candidate who she threw a crush of reporters and their questions alabama's former chief justice dividing his own party eight women have accused him of a range of inappropriate sexual behaviour to say he assaulted them when they were just teenagers many republican senators calling for him to drop out when with well i'm coming to the senate and now we're working on our from blair one republican staunchly amour's corner president trump this morning tweeting the people of alabama will do the right thing vote roy more another big more booster the president's former chief strategist steve bannon there's a special place in hell more republicans who should know better and they're trying to shut up president trump in judge more binion's comments coming just weeks after he bunker trump seem to side with moore's accusers saying there was a special place in hill for people who prey on children but voters we talked to are standing by more rapidly.

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