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That's the represented by the first stream jarrett here and that is weighted with a twothirds mark oh jeez yeah the consumption of music has changed so much the way that we interact with these things in this and even as lisa was breaking down i was just thinking more about in a way to these charts matter anymore before i feel like when everybody was buying albums looking at who was ascending the ranks of meant something different than it does now in the air of streaming where it's just the ubiquity of individuals aung that appear in disappears at a moment's notice at least you had said to our producer mitch that that trying to compare modern day movie blockbuster this was like trying to compare modern they movie blockbuster with the film gone with the wind yeah i would i would be quite difficult every single time if we always ask that one question the beatles or it's a little bit weird always go oh jurassic park did well was it is good as gone with the wind every single time and then do that did you count for inflation yeah yeah there's too much to consider so lisa how about this i guess this is a comparison maybe we could make it easier to do what the beatles did back in that time and i'm not talking artistically i'm talking like professionally and business wise or what drake is doing now in in two thousand eighteen i think so and i think a lot of the problem with this conversation is the beatles are kind of ground zero i mean we're we're measuring everything against what they just did they weren't planning something they didn't know what we should try for do do what world domination i don't think that that was what they were thinking so we're measuring something against the first time something happened and you know think about it i don't think there was an awful lot of competition for the beatles later maybe they were more bands that were trying to be the beatles but at first they kind of own the whole thing right yeah the the channels were smaller in the modes of delivery were smaller and more limited and it does seem i like what you said about i guess that the beatles did this and then what happened happy where it seems like drake might even be purposefully trying to inflate history ming numbers on platforms like spotify and apple music by having incredibly long albums like both of his his last albums twenty and twenty five songs each juror what do you think of that the seven song mega mix it's also i mean we're there whether seven there was that one one song with a couple of there's a win win which the kind of this structuring the music going into it now is is designed to work in the environment that is being built in arguably the beatles are probably doing the same thing when they're making their records so in a sense what drake and i think other big pop artists are doing now is nothing new they're working with the given kind of landscape of how people encounter music and how they experienced music and trying to get the maximum return on the investment when you have an artist like drake or beyond say or whoever it is you know or you know beyond saying jay z being a good example of being involved in building their own streaming platform just to deliver their music and trying to do that you know at the exclusion of other platforms and stuff they're all trying to work this as best possible i think if you notice tell you if you you said the top town on the on the hot one hundred we had a look at the chart at night just before coming in here and if you put out an album at twenty five you can fill a quarter of the hot one hundred and that is what drake has done they're all there wow that is epic if you're just joining us if you're just tuning it i'm telling you anger filling in for tom power this is q and i am speaking with jarrett martineau and lisa christianson on q this okay you too there have been some late contenders added to the yearly song of the summer competition justin timberlake has resurfaced from the woods to drop this jam.

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