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Nineties. And like I picture that person and it's like, oh, I'm not going to use my money on like avocado toast there. Advocaat toast was like lava lamps. This is this seems knife this thing that I wanted, it's kind of fitting to, right, because if you think about that generation, if they were kids in like the mid seventies too early eighties, a lot of the kind of junk of the sharper image is inspired by a lot of those like. Wacky coup fall toys of that period just turned adult. So I could see how that would play two kids who grew up during a really bad financial period growing up, having all this, just throw away money and like hawking it on total gadgetry junk. That's Mike right by Erie. So I wanted to highlight. I know I already highlighted the some of the weird stuff. Brooks was selling this hour. Crowd fermentation, crock. I mentioned. Things get a little more interesting at sharper image. Just wanted to go through some of the more interesting things they've sold over the years. We'll start with the basic one in the eighties. They sold a fake carphone antenna that you could stick on your car to convince people that you had a car phone. Wow. Now I realize I didn't grow up at in this era, but if you had a car phone, you were a big deal doctor Dr. Richard Kimble in the movie, the fugitive had a carphone. He was a big deal. And if you haven't antenna on your car that shows you have a car phone euro big deal wife, right? No, it was the one man. Okay. Okay. Speaking of cars, they also sold a five hundred dollar torso named Gregory wait, what a torso? Yep, they sold the torso. Gregory was a male torso that you was like very well. I wouldn't say very realistic, but certainly if you were squinting and far away, it might look like an actual mail person and you could put it in your car or your living room to convince people that you are not alone. So you wouldn't be messed with wait, so. Okay. So has a head and everything just cuts off after the waste? I wouldn't say everything, but yes, it has a head and a torso. You meant just the tore tore so, yeah. Now, sorry, I should have specified. There's also a head. Five hundred dollars and it seems like a safe move. You dress them. However you want the ad actually says, you can guard him in sports casual or businesses hire more even put him in a tux for formal occasions. I would use US Gregory. Magic, like all of us have road Gregory's and like we're just like, oh yeah, no, someone someone's in the other room. They need me. It's my friend. Gregory really wait. My friend, Gregory you see your would everyone just has a friend Gregory over and the torso and it's just the source, oh, no head. One more kind of bonkers thing that the sharper image sold. So the Washington Post wrote an article in nineteen Eighty-six. Sadly there was a accidental shooting because someone was playing with a toy that looks like a gun and it seemed that the sharper image sold a very, very accurate replica of an Uzi submachine gun for two hundred dollars that would fire blanks. The description of the the gun in the magazine said, it would fire these caps thirty two rounds of caps in four heart-stopping seconds. So you could get an ultra realistic Uzi from the showroom 'age. They eventually stopped selling that. But for a time that was where you went if you wanted to get shot by a cop already, -ffective grandma. One one last one they are in the new generation because they also do sell an iphone Breathalyzer for hundred and fifty dollars. So if you wanted to make sure you knew how drunk were before you got in your car and you didn't wanna cop to do it for you, boom, under fifty dollars. The thing is yours. Feel like that is actually useful. Am I wrong? I mean, I think if you're borderline enough, I would say you probably shouldn't be driving actually. Yeah, if you have to take your own Breathalyzer. Yeah, not not a good sign. Actually. If you can operate the app, you're probably fine. So, yeah, the sharper image doesn't exist anymore except on the website. That's really like it and eight bums me out because they were of another of another era and I miss them. I wanted to herald. They're weird history now that you talk about them more like I remember Brooke zone better just because like we had them in the mall and I would. Well, I just like, you know, the chairs were so inviting. Did you go to Agra like the Palisades and Galleria west Westchester? I did not go to the Westchester mall because I was not enough. But anyway, so I would go to. Usually we just go to breaks down, but I do remember having a fondness for sharper image. I think maybe we got the catalog or something, and I do remember pouring over that because I thought the gadgets were really cool, and I completely forgot about that until you ordered a Virtual Boy office, sharper image catalogue. Wow. And regretted it. Because I ended up canceling the order. I never got it. He's talked about this in the past, never got it sad. Okay. Well, that's that's pretty much all I have on sharper image, but I do wanna get into read only memories real quick. Go for. Only memories. Okay. This read only memory comes from mayor mclovin. Good name once

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