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His winning to luca you wanna club america santos we're going to be a favorite and this one is luke the best regular season team won eighteen that hasn't scored more than two rows all season called road goals in the last round that was a to rogan looking at america inside the school america would be the this is good and he's got a very good record in their history against america in the playoffs i will take on santisima suspension injury questions on america needs us i'm going to go on to beat santos and then i think beat deluca don't think scholla's has via power to get through the semi all right great stuff guys visiting you sit on you abode check out game learn something families field world seven nfc lable daily so remind me daily seven days a week now on espn plus if you ever miss a show of course you could catch the podcast version on espn f c dot com also available all the bits that don't make into the regular show we collaborate together to package espn and see extra tie always little difference something else say no operative would welcome back shaggy thank you different were the law segment to go for a walk strict malek's she wants this makes me tense what's wayne rooney getting himself into wearing a dc jude i think it needs to be cleaned to getting into right no as far as east concern them shoot it's just a boat a contract is the money should it doesn't win in the the the so he has to be aware of the situation dc the rock bottom.

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