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Trouble individuality Become an ambassador for your people to tell them who you are and let you know the the non natives are the ones that think that we're not here anymore. Let them know that. We are still here as indigenous people and we. We're here to stay day and Just seen facebook social media paints pictures of MOCCASINS Like you said there's there's there's a lot of Background stories about moccasins whether the different partner reaching your frown the type of animal that used the resources at the land provided our people our ancestors. There's a long time ago Those bridge gaps with Youth and elders because the youth nowadays want to know why we have moccasins. And where they it came from Now now more like today here in the South West I think our moccasins are made out of cow And they have different colors different variety. And then there's they're still you know Alcan deer that we make our heights from and to make moccasins and issue so crazy how mother the earth provided clothing for us like that and just just. It's just a lot. There's I could go on and on about the how rocker marks has made me feel all the stores I've I've learned along the way as well it's just really amazing to know that myself in with the help of emerges ages productions how we help build this up and the support that we've gotten along the way in so let's start to how do you say moccasins in your own language And Carrots are Shia in Laguna we say Pete's and that's how you say MOCCASINS and it means weather and when you think of those words what comes to your mind or or a person who was saying you know You know put on your shoes or put on put them here or or I was in my moccasins. When you hear those words in your own traditional languages what triggers just the background about where he no leather How we interpreted in English but you know a long time ago? That's not it wishes Pete. SOC is the word that came first not leather you know and just Knowing that that was the word for our harvests for you know after drew we kill a deer or How it goes on like that and it just is though is the language of our ancestors and in has a lot of meeting and just as far as language goes like you? There's a lot of doubts that come along with moccasins. And if you say him in English they want they would make sense to beat. Wouldn't be the same so there's a lot that goes into play will English and then going back to moccasins which means our Pete's means leather so I think that's really really cool to have that connection of your ancestors thrilling and they're right there with you wherever you go when you put them on and I think that's really important important and when you put on your own traditional footwear. What do you think of do you think of its traditional name or their traditional name Or maybe maybe even what you were taught about even the ceremonial putting them on. You can share your thoughts today. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number and Melissa Melissa. You can relate to Pete's And it's really interesting. Ever since I learned that word in my community we call him I and it speaks of who we are. Because I'm aiming aiming that's you know speaking of who we are as people from A sled up. And so you know right there when I say Ikea I am identifying. Oh fine I am an indigenous woman from this place from this earth and who I am and where I put them in so Melissa for you too. When you hear Pete's what do you think I think about dancing first? And then I always think about Our answer our Ancestors and what kind of moccasins did they have in it. Wasn't you know it's an everyday thing and it's still every day Shoe here here in our region with many of the Pueblos And the Navajo people and the Apache people and we're grateful for that bitch with when we use them to go reconnect and pray for the earth and the songs and dances. That's the first thing I think of when I see my moccasins and the variety like oh I wear these for this and I wear this for this in even the way you walk changes because it's not like we're in tennis shoes or high heels. They really make you connect with the earth. Your toes feel that that that movement that motion That that soft movement as you go and Even even your ability to change directions. I feel I haven't played basketball in them before just because I got better traction on it But you walk differently. It's interesting and maybe that's what you feel. When you put your own traditional footwear on What kind of change happens in what happens when you wear? Those traditional footwear out of traditional spaces Dallas. Listen about it That's something that rocks is encouraging people To Express who they are as indigenous people and we also understand and respect that sometimes traditional footwear means wearing nothing on your feet. And maybe that's something you think about when this time comes around of showing in just who we are as indigenous people You can give us a meaning. Share your story. One eight hundred nine nine six two four eight is the number and maybe do you want to share the story of the first time you remember Putting on your traditional footwear or maybe even putting on that first pair on your baby ep Tell that story to by calling in one. Eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight Is the number in. Maybe you even have a story to do about that. One time. You're wearing your moccasins. And it gave you strength or reminded you of how important your native culture was you. You can tell us all about it. One eight hundred nine six eight. Four eight is a number we have the founder here in Studio forty-nine with us today If you've ever wanted to talk talk to her and just let her know how far this phenomenon has gone Maybe even in your own tribal community calling right now. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four for eight is the number and really want to hear what it means to Stan in your moccasins And are there different things things of that you were taught about when you wear them why you wear them go and give us a ring. Maybe you are working on a pair right now for somebody special. We want to hear here from you. Marcus in makers to of all the love and energy that goes into making these pairs and we know a lot of people are out there hunting. Do you have plans to bring the hide back and give them to somebody in your community and what about maybe even inheriting a pair of moccasins Choson from your grandmother. Your grandfather your uncle or maybe you had to borrow your sisters. Tell us about it. Phone lines are open.

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