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Dot org's 6 44 and an update on traffic breaking news. Certainly with the every waterfront fire, and how is that impacting things, Tama? But we have some news from the Snohomish County at the public utilities has cut power. Now in that area to sits two substations there assisting firefighters so drivers could encounter some dark or flashing red traffic signals through that area along West Marine View drive. That's near saner drive just north of the Everett Naval Station. So use caution through that area. There are a lot of emergency crews there on the scene in Seattle. Pike Street has some demonstrators there and they're blocking between boring avenue and minor avenue. Lots of pedestrians through that area to see what he was caution. And watch birds stole into coma on South found five. It's just before the two Commodore blocking the right lane that's causing some slowing from East Bay Street. This report is sponsored by Target. Zero extra enforcement patrols are on our roads so everyone can arrive safely. It's a fine line between the best ride ever and the last ride ever. More and it's a fine line dot com Our next couple traffic it 6 54 Here's your coma. Weather forecast. It's clouding up. We'll have some showers overnight early in tomorrow morning and for the first half of the day before things dry up into the afternoon. Partly, son these guys by late tomorrow, with a high now staying a little bit cooler in the low seventy's. It is 76 in downtown Seattle Now. Homo News times, 6 45 Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest's only 24 hour news station Coma News, 1000 FM, 97 7 I'm Rick found side since God looking at our headlines, President Trump's Knees is breaking records for the release of her tell all about her.

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