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Welcome to Shaker Heights episode five the crucible floating floating falling on the ground I freeze on children's eyelashes and blurred. They're altered vision of the world. They see a different earth than I of candy and playgrounds and eternal smiles. I see the truth cold. Bare trees stripped of life and hard ground. That poem was written by a sixteen year. Old Girl named Lisa. Pruitt not long before she was stabbed. Twenty one times and left for dead behind her. Boyfriend's house in Shaker Heights Ohio in September of nineteen ninety in the hours after her murder. A small group of close friends gathered away from their parents away from the police and made up their minds. The person who committed this crime was the weird kid in school. The Kid who wore metallica t shirts Kevin Young one by one. They went to police and pointed the finger at Kevin and although was not one piece of evidence linking Kevin to the crime scene regardless of the fact that he had an alibi the small town police were taken by the children's stories and they decided Kevin Young was their best suspect. A tragedy was playing out in real time. Just outside of Cleveland and the name of that tragedy was the crucible on September Twenty Sixth Nineteen Ninety several detectives from Shaker Heights traveled to Ohio State University where Kevin Young was beginning his freshman year. Because of what happens next Kevin. Young's life will be quite short. He will never hold down a real job or have any long relationships with women no family of his own he will die at the age of forty four and two thousand and seventeen the detectives have consulted with FBI profiler who explained how they could extract a confession from Kevin speak to him late at night. They said Bring Lots of Candy and Soda. Be Good Cops. Try to make friends with him. Let HIM FEEL SAFE. And so it goes Wednesday September twenty sixth nineteen ninety. Deputy Chief Jim rosiest detective sergeant. Dan Villardo detective top Kosinski officer Ben Hur Secretary Roz and I drove to Ohio State University. We arrived about six. Pm and met with captain. John Petrie and detective Jim Younger of Ohio State University Police Department also present. Detective Sergeant Tim Reid and detective. Tim Ward who had gone to Columbus earlier in the day. The cavs police assigned one of their officers to watch the dormitory to let us know. When Kevin Young came in we planned to make contact with Kevin About eight PM. We then went to the Ramada Inn to get settled and have dinner as of about eight. Pm The Columbus police had not located cabin. One of their officers called the phone. And Kevin's room ask for Kevin and was told he was not in this office than set up surveillance on Kevin's room about nine. Pm We decided to return to the police department. Upon our arrival detective younger explained that one of his undercover officers has just located Kevin Young. He explained that. This officer was dressed as a maintenance man. It was clean a trash room that gave him a direct view of Kevin. Young's dorm room. This officer had just reported that Kevin had left his room. Gone down the stairs and returned with pop. He added that Kevin was wearing a blue woodbury. Run T shirt. I followed detective younger to the dormitory. Rob Houses one of the dormitories. Moral Tower located on the campus at Ohio State University. Detective younger I entered the third or the main floor. This is the only entrance into staffed by students who provide security and limited access to the building. Detective younger identified himself as campus police and we went up the elevator to the fifth floor. There we met with the campus police officer who had seen Kevin Young. He told us that Kevin's roommate and a girl had just left but that Kevin was in the room the door to the quad dorm room number. Five fifty was open. As was the door to Kevin's room which was five fifty four. The open hallway door entered into a small living room. Type area to the rear of this area were four doors. Each leading to a dorm room shared by two students. Detective Young entered the quad dorm room through the open door and knocked on the door. Way To Kevin's room. I waited outside in the hall where I could both see and hear detective younger. Detective younger displayed. His badge identified himself as a campus police officer and told Kevin that someone was here to talk to him. Kevin said to ask him in and detective younger said it was private and suggested they step out in the hall and away from his roommates. It should be noted that we had selected the hallway because the room to the other quad. Dorm rooms were all closed. No one was in the hallway and Kevin's other roommates were in their rooms with their doors. Open Kevin said he needed to get off the phone. Kevin Young detective younger than walks into the hallway. I deduce myself as Tom. Gray from the Shaker Heights police department. As I said Shaker Heights police department. Kevin said the words with me. Kevin Nervously said he had been expecting to hear from us. I told Kevin I'd been interviewing a lot of people who had information about Lisa Pruitt. I added that rich mullany and Jim. Brosius had told me that during his first interview he had offered to come whenever necessary to help us with the case. I told him that since I needed his help. I thought it made more sense for me to come to Columbus. Kevin invited us into his room. I told him that I thought it was private and best be done away from his roommates. I added that I had asked detective younger to get me into the building because that would attract far less attention than the Shaker Heights. Police I went on to tell Kevin the we could use a room at the campus police department and he appeared to get very nervous. I then told him I was staying at the Ramada in about five minutes from campus and that we could use my room Kevin agreed and said he just needed to get some shoes or call home. He dialed the phone. That put it down gotta shoes and asked if he could call later. I told him he could call home in every wanted detective younger. Kevin Young and I walked towards the elevator. Kevin said the stairs were faster so we walked down stairs. Detective younger got into his auto and went on to other duties. Kevin and I got into sixty seven. Eighty to an unmarked Shaker Heights police cruiser during the drive. Kevin and I did not talk about the case instead. We discussed college life dormitory life and classes. He mentioned that he was glad to be at school and that it was an opportunity to begin a new life. He explained that he had not decided on a major but was interested in business. He added that his real interest was in economics and we talked a little about economics. The Adam Smith Foundation. He started in high school and Mr for Resou- his high school economics teacher. We discussed the adjustment to college classes. Kevin said it was an easy transition because what he was doing. A college was a review of what he did in high school. He said he tested out of enough credits. That he will be soft more mid year he also talked about the honors program in Ohio. State that he is currently enrolled in Kevin. I arrived at the motel about nine forty five PM. We parked by number two and took the elevator to the fifth floor room. Five twenty was around the corner to the right as we exited the elevator as we entered the room. Kevin remarked that it was a nice room. He mentioned calling home and asked if he could wait until after we finished. I told him he could call what he wanted and offered to. Let the city of Shaker Heights. Pay For the call. I suggested a seat and make himself comfortable. He sat in the seat on the couch. Nears the window. As I sat on the other end of the couch there was a loud noise like a helicopter from outside Kevin that we could close the Windows. I got up closed both sliding doors and turn the air conditioner on low. I begin by explaining to Kevin that I spent the last two weeks talking to people then gathered as much information as possible in an attempt to figure out what happened to Lisa. I told Kevin I needed some insight from him in addition to just discussing his involvement. Kevin said he was eager to cooperate in any way that he could. I told Kevin that this trip to Columbus was important to me. I explained that we were under pressure from the media and there were some loosens questions I had about his involvement with the case. Kevin responded with a few comments about how bad the television stations are how bad he felt about what they did to Dan. He added that he would like to resolve this before the media gets a hold of the story given us how long we would be and I told him I wasn't sure I explained to cabinet. Since I came to him for help. He could decide when he was ready to stop talking and I would take back his dormitory. He mentioned that he had an eight o'clock class but added that he was a night person. We could take our time. We discussed class schedule and the classes he was taking. I offered Kevin pop and he chose a coke from the CAN I offered I offered Kevin pop and he chose a coke from the can the only way I drink it. I then reminded Kevin that I was a police officer that I was investigating a crime then reminded Kevin that I was a police officer and that I was investigating a crime in which he was still suspect. Kevin said that detective mullany had explained that to him. I told him that he had a right to remain silent in. Didn't have to talk to me. Kevin said he wanted to help. I told him that we could stop or take a break whenever he wanted. He said he knew that as I started to explain that he could talk to an attorney. Kevin interrupted me and said that he understood his rights. He explained that detective mullany had explained all his rights and that he signed a paper that he understood. I asked him to tell me what he thought about the incident. Kevin replied that as he told detectives mullany he was afraid that tax can workman had done it and what scared him even more was that. Tex might have done it for him. Kevin Kevin went on to explain that he didn't know how he could live with the guilt if Tex had done it for him I ask Kevin Y. Tex would do it for him and Kevin replied that he Kevin had been at Arabiya on Thursday. When Tex came in Kevin said he remembers that at the time he was sitting alone at a table and was real upset about a good friend of his that had been sent to the Middle East. Kevin said he remembers texts coming in sitting at a table with him and saying something about going over to Dan drivers and that Lisa was coming over. He remembers the Tech. Said something about hating to be around when Dannon lease are together. I then ask Kevin why he thought Texas would do this. Kevin replied that texts knew that he kevin had a crush on Lisa for a long time. Even though Kevin insisted the crush was over Kevin out of the text was also worried about having an alibi for Thursday night. Kevin explain it. He was feeling extreme guilt even thinking about the possibility that texts might have done this for him. I asked Kevin who was friends with that. Went to the Middle East and Kevin said it was Emmanuel Robinson. He then went on to explain that. Manny was not really a close friend just some when he went to high school with Kevin added that he really didn't even know if many was there but that he had heard that from other friends. I asked Kevin of menu into the service right after high school. He explained that many and he had just graduated together and that he didn't know manny very well. Kevin added that he only spoken to manny a couple of times throughout high school. Kevin just scared him that a kid his age was going to come back. Dead from the Middle East Kevin went on to talk about the draft and how because of his January birthday he would be one of the first kids drafted. He explained that there were going to start the draft next year by drafting nineteen year old kids. I ask given what he thought about the draft and he said he didn't really think they would do. It can then went on to add that he thought the draft was unfair since they spent all that money all those years on a volunteer army. Kevin added those volunteers and reserves knew the risks when signed up and that they should not need a draft.

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