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We just saw. They beat the man for ten minutes. That was clearly excessive fourth. That was clearly a society word for cops. Yeah all acquitted grip aloha. They know they're going me and my boss. We we talked about so yeah. They go to a jury america. You see that tape and not. We'll say that's excessive force thirty years ago when you hear you back not guilty. Not guilty not guilty. I'm like what so the question chris. You and i both know what happened if this lady. This young seventeen year old daughter. Neyla frazier if she does not feel this. Derek chauvin still has his job. Dairy show is still in position to terrorize more. People minority people because he had several instances reports of a fifth and he was still so without this because he didn't put what he did in a statement. He said he got resist. Arrest anyhow medical episode. No weapon whose form where the weapon was your knee. He mentioned that he had the guy in a prone position. He didn't have meal may have make for ten minutes. He mentioned none of that and without the tape gift which is have to say everything said fifty seventy years before he had a medical condition. You take the police off. You know. And i know chris when you go into a courtroom next to the judge. The police officer has the most credibility everybody would have believed derek. Chauvin this man. He resisted arrest. He had a medical emergency because he had amphetamines. And he has some drug dealers system. But no you can't say well. What happened was he wouldn't healthy. Basically they tried to say george floor with not healthy he had been healthier. He could hailed breath for ten minutes..

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