Eliot Ness, Deniro, Bob Hoskins discussed on The Empire Film Podcast


It has the opening shot with officially vichy semantically he's not really very interested in in eliot ness and he's interested in that story talked about how the thing that i remember which is the step sequences not in the script online moments scripting he yeah but it's not just that moment there there the great moments as well there's good good moments you get such great dialogue people's remind people a gun stuff you get the great opening shot of deniro as alka pony could've been bob hoskins close ended up being deniro that lovely shots you have that great sequence connery's malone gets massacred so many great moments in this film and of course one of the first real outings for kevin costner is a leading man and you get real sense of decency as well sean connery is the showcase role because anyone else go and you need all these you need a really strong anchor around allows deniro to gene to be component allows sean coins go go off and do his oscar winning actally stuff and cosmo is really you say that it's not really doesn't really a diploma movie see madly but i think a lot of movies a lot of the pumice movies there's leave one called obsession they're they're they're about obsession there about about men who are driven suicide nessim necessary i think that's ultimately what it is at the at the end of the film he he changes his character he crosses the line because of his obsession with with capone and wants to ease driven to get capone blew out about obsession carlito's way you could argue is about obsession to tune scarface obsession isn't about session lydia.

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