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To the original six district you're troy to the wayne county jail site watch never stops newsradio nine fifty recovery underway for a detroit police officer who crashed on his motorcycle yesterday chief james craig says the officer was returning from a motorcycle training session with about a dozen other officers when he hit a rumble strip long i ninety six eastbound before evergreen then lost control of his bike so far as i can see right now he didn't do anything wrong sometimes things happen in this case hearing a rumble strip did you try to minimize the crash was a single vehicle accident no other people involved and so we're just hoping that he gets a four recovered detroit police telling w w j the officers in stable condition he underwent surgery for severe leg injuries overnight crash in bloomfield township involving a motorcycle leads to people hospitalized police say happened around nine thirty along inkster road when the driver of jeep compass veered over the center lane the northbound lanes hitting a harley davidson the two people on the harley of fiftythreeyearold driver and forty eight year old passenger were both hospitalized in stable condition that crash remaining under investigation membership of an international organization of retailers and developers is changing as w w j city beat reporter vicki thomas tells us the group just held its convention in detroit's mid america group in bloomfield hills says on many occasions she was the only woman in the room she served as the state director of the international council of shopping centers she says a lot has changed i competed like anybody else in business for the best accounts in the best real estate to work on but i didn't feel like i had any competition or any ill feelings with the man is i'm probably different than a lot of the stories today men have been great and great mentors and supporters for me all throughout the years really know metoo moment i mean maybe one or two but i was i knew there because i knew i was stronger and knew how to walk away from those those in ways that maybe we're difficult for would be difficult for other people vicki.

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