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More. No. Childhood right here. Go play with the blocks. But the step on some legacy. Oh, put up this movie extravaganza. Google Goo-good Gaza, Giga Goo-good. Rhonda, Rhonda Williams, sexy pants always saw some leg when she coming up in here. Little tease. Exactly, she what she's doing here. That she position has just right to so some of this. How you doing good to see to see Sharada showing up out of guilt? Oh, always I didn't. I didn't. I mean. What's up martyrdom? Appeal trip and core Cole? No. She said she was making a big deal about I'll be back tomorrow. I'm come up because I like you guys. I love y'all. I'm gonna see tomorrow. Nothing couch just as empty, and that's fine. We don't expect people. But I, but I see them on the show. I said, but palatis initi- sent me a text slogging. On us. My. Play up to man. Can do dependable. Play people come through. And I told him he won't be there. Food. We'll bring them sexy legs over here. Looking at the doorway to call them. Makes never. You're doing it. Maybe speaking of toys, and blogs and just being childish overall. We got the leg. Yeah. We got that. The LEGO movie mind was on the two LEGO movie to the other one doesn't know is another part two of the LEGO saga. Yes. Another one. Of course to legal to of course. And we have a LEGO short by dynasty gonna show. Yes. Absolute nervous. Oh, well, we be nervous not told them. We're gonna show then it's all out of retirement. That's the LEGO man, I let resident legal Aminata dynasty. And we're gonna talk about interview. I did last week let you guys know that we are building up on our promise of getting the sprouts is more exclusive content on there. And I did an interview last week. And didn't I we did it on Thursday. I didn't really get a chance to promote it as much as a one or two someone just remind you guys about some other things. Got three net Greek food, man. Yeah. Man is easy minute. Look, I can't do Jack in the box all the time. I'll take you talk about guilt tripping. I can't keep dry. I can't you know 'cause folklore. Yeah. I I can't keep having come pin. Catch me when I'm really trying to hide I can't keep eating by that dumpster. The trail trying to hide eating in the shadows. Or you back there sucking. Injected the bucks. Oh, yeah. You should be. You should be going to dig. Jumbo knee. Gotta dig. New value menu. Oh, but welcome Yong. Good to see actually might be the relatively short show tonight wrong with that nothing wrong with dad we gotta do tribute. Also that's going to be after the show. We already got somebody in for the victory. And so we're going be getting outta here. Because we were supposed to have a like three other movies. Yeah. They didn't wanna show to. Well. That's not true prodigy was just at the same time as the LEGO movie. Oh, it were prodigy. It was it was. Okay. So we came we couldn't be in two places at the same time. Now, we could not we could not. So we'd well there was one movie out there that was conflicting with Legos, man..

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