North Korea, China, Russia discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


We see that what are the biggest problems well it out nuclear war were always worried about nuclear war because we always your about north korea we always hear about problems with north korean problems with china and problems with russia it's yeah and we know that's always arm i do whether or not you know kim he i'm laughing because mm mr kim out there in north korea said he was going to bomb us today he said he's got fire a missile in hit us today didn't happen america told you an avid yoga but i wouldn't you know i had my fingers crossed in one of those things but yeah he said he was going to do that to us today didn't happen though but see one of things though oh that dumb i think is being used more so than event than gets the spotlight is biological warfare or at least chemical warfare we hear about a lot in syria uh you know i and the you know between that in the biological geo engineering that happens with releasing mosquitoes into the environment in releasing moths that are you know and and flies that are genetically modified this is an issue that the borders on it borders on biological warfare it really does because we don't know with any would know oversight we don't know what's happening we did the show back on moving was a 20second would you show called franken bugs in a it was back when they were talking about dumping all these genetically modified mosquitoes into fresno fresno california and i think that kim trailed thing that gmo thing you're chemicals that i mean the talks city and the fog the we are in right now i mean the general conspiracy theorist will say that the kim trail problem has been created by our own government to poisoner does it is a reason why the conspiracy theorists say this is because he history will indicate that our own military conducted poison cloud experiments similar to what we have seen in the places like syria and and other places where we've seen weapons turned on their people there are more documents that are.

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