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And when you see these greats around each other and you see them sort of let down their guard that often times they may have up with the media during the course of their career It's just it's i can't begin to put it into words for you all And as a voter it it you know. I never really understood the impact that this honor has on these minutes. You'll have to chris. Carter got elected in. And i tell the story that that following fall i would send down to work on a feature on Giovanni bernard and he was friends with chris family growing up and whatnot and so we went down interview chris at his home in florida and during a break in the shooting he takes him back into his his office and on the desk in his office. The photo album from that weekend During the hall of fame ceremonies when he was inducted. And if he talked about it you know as i started to well up in tears started to fall and you just realize what that honor means to them no matter what these men carl accomplished on the field and that sort of thing This is something that's really important to them and means a lot and Again as part of it means that they are part of the greatest club or most exclusive club and professional sports. Jim trotter joins us show. Nfl network of course. The host of the huddle and flow podcast. We all got to see the conference of our own home. These speeches on stage but being on the ground. In kent ohio for the weekend's festivities i would imagine you got to see some things behind the scenes. He encounters in the hotel lobby or offstage That our audience do you think would would appreciate you know they keep these guys on a fairly type schedule During hall of fame weekend. There's so many things for them to do. And actually it's almost like these guys need a vacation when it's over 'cause it it's actually kind of grind pleasant grind but it's grind Where there are so many functions and different things that they have to attend so Now that you know the best part for me It's kinda app to these guys get inducted in when they come back and now they can really just kinda kick back and enjoy the weekend and you may see him on a golf course. You may see him. You know outed dinner or something like that or at one of the parties But that the inductees throwing and you can just have honest conversations about things that maybe they wouldn't open up about when they were playing and Science joy those moments. And you know it's funny. I live out here in san diego and one of the guys who lives out. Here is the money and the steelers hall of fame center and we both liked to golf. So we'll try and get together a couple of times a month and just to be able to spend time with these guys and and to see that humid part of them where you know you take the helmet off and and you learn what they're really about. I wish everyone could do that. Was incredible to see them. Like you said have those human moments be shared on a big stage like that but it's also incredible to see the appreciation for family. And you hear how. Kurt warner was thinking of you. Know giving it all up because it was too much of a toll on his family Walk us through. Sort of just the importance of family to these guys. You spent so much time with hall of famers your hall of fame voter when you hear paint get up there start crying mentioning his dad just family that goes into supporting the football dreams of all these players. Yeah the thing is these guys. Don't make it along. And so when you heard jimmy johnson say that he never had an opportunity to see his sons play youth football and i shouldn't say never had an opportunity but never took the opportunity to see them play football because he said he wanted to out work everyone and to realize later what meant to him and what he had missed out on. You know to hear Tripod talk about being best man that he could For his wife setting that example for his kids to see what you know how a man should treat a woman and his wife all sorts of things. it's incredible one of the other things that that for me. Resonated was when you heard bill cower talking about marty schottenheimer and he talked about patch on heimer marty's wife how she took him and his family under her wing one thing about the schottenheimer family and having covered them is that they truly view football and the teams that they were on as family and i joke with pat that she was sort of the mother hand you know. She oversaw everyone so These families sacrifice a lot for these these players to be where they are. And that's why for instance when drew brees retired. I tweeted out and said you know a person. We should be giving the flowers to As well as drew his wife knowing drew the way that i haven't covered him since he came into the league. You know britney allowed him to be the most dedicated player that he could be. And if you know drew brees he put everything he had into. Being a great player in terms of his time is energy his commitment and win family has young kids Somebody has to be there to be that rock on a day-to-day basis while the husband is out doing what he's doing so to me. Britney brees was so important to what drew was able to accomplish. And it's not just just brittany. You can go down the line with all of these families in terms of what the wives and the kids have given up to allow there has been other father to be successful at a really high level so i thought it was great to To hear these men pay homage to to their families. You know you heard john lynch do it with his wife and I think it's tremendous you know. Because i don't think they get enough credit for what they sacrifice in terms of allowing as men to become the players that they become jim. Trotter from the nfl network huddle flow. Podcast joins the show. Ben lines infrared on the rich eisen show. Let's stick with the family of the new orleans. Saints here the saints. And you wake up to some cryptic tweets from michael thomas on a monday morning. How do you react. I think what the first thing you do is you. Don't overreact look there's a lot of speculation about what's going on with michael thomas and whatnot. All i can tell you. Is that when. I was down at training camp. You know i talked to sean payton about it. Sean loves michael thomas He knows that he's a sensitive individual most individual. But sean feels. He had a special relationship with michael thomas so while we on the outside may overreact to things. Sean is not one of those people. That's going overreact. To to any of that so i can't tell you what michael meant by that only he can't I do know this when you talk to folks He's tremendously hard working He cares about his teammates. But he's gone through some things and you know i'm not gonna get into all of them here but I think what he said is true. We don't have both sides of the story. We only know what was put out there. And i always come back to this to be honest with you. You know when we say we don't have both sides of the story is not that we journalists don't attempt to get both sides of the story and maybe the player at that time is not ready to give his side of the story and often times that happens and that's why the hall of fame is so great because sometimes stories that they wouldn't address during their careers they will speak about when it's all over so i don't know specifically what's happening or what michael mid behind that tweet..

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