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This is roger with a quick reminder to make sure that you check out our new podcast series American states united presented by the great friends of the pod at ESPN+ a series where we get to sit down with the top U.S. men's national team players as they prepare to make us so bloody proud in the top leagues abroad ahead of the World Cup. They are competing for their positions on that national team squad and ESPN+ is the place to see them. It's the home of La Liga, the German Bundesliga, the FA Cup, the carabao cup, the EFL Championship and so much more. There's nowhere better to follow all the American stars, Eunice Musa, Gio arena, sergino dest, Luca Della Toure, and the battle for the number 9 between Jordan P fock and Ricardo Pepe in the Bundesliga. Let's not forget our Ginger GOP Josh sergeant at Norwich City. Sign up now at ESPN+ dot com slash GFP. That's ESPN+ dot com slash G FOP. Courage. You approached us remind me of that all the gnaeus Nin line each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it's only by this meeting, they knew world is born. But instead of a friend for you, it's a collaborative brand. To you Todd to our listeners who are grappling with all of these issues in their own life and who I am and remember listeners as Todd and I to himself has said style is an evolution, not a revolution and viva la evolution. Godspeed to you Todd Snyder. Dress your best. America. If you like our show, please give us a 5 star rating and a review helped so bloody much episodes and men in blazers are available on Amazon music or wherever you get

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