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Well, it's funny because Jimmy Varietes on our staff is one of those voters voters, I think she's new to the panel. And she was talking to Robert Clem co about who to vote for it. I couldn't quite hear them. And I was sitting next to Connor or so Clem Cohen Veran tests or two seats down from me. It's Connor or right next to me. And I leaned over to Connor. And I said, you just know the voters are going to get lazy and give this vote to settlement. Don't you because they're not going to try to sort out the defense? And apparently Ginny had just at that moment said I think I'm voting for element to clip. Geico. So it's an they thought that was funny. But you know, what people Ginny she's putting a tough position there to vote defense in the middle of the game. Because so much of what a defender does is not reflected on the surface, and it's certainly not reflected in the stat book. So I understand how Eshelman did get the vote. And I don't think it's a horrible vote. He did some important things in that game. He was by far the biggest guy in their offense. But once you get a chance to look at the film, and I would not vote of this way after the game. So I would have been guilty of. I don't know who I would have I probably would have voted Gilmore after the game. But once you look to Gilmore little bit. I know. Yeah. I know we did. After seeing the film. My guys Kyle van noy and next to be Hightower, and then probably Gilmore but van noy did in. None of it's so shows up on stats, but he did everything that made the game plan goal. So those six men defensive lines. He was up on the what amounted to the weak side. He played wherever the tight end was not. He was opposite. The tight end he often walked out. Over the wide receivers as part of that six D line. And he jammed those receivers we wondered about that, Gary. If they would Jan those tight split receivers..

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