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Let me offering emissions bits of me. Show hold they madonna. How midday batallio lhamo. Then entity mccormick additional. At first. She was very nervous about everything surrounding the production of cassava. Lod how she looked on tv. She had never really been in front of a camera before that much and she also was very stressed out because of all the performances and all the rehearsals and all the eliminations because each and every week somebody else's kind of voted off the show but she learned to really focus on the music and really concentrate on making each song as wonderful as possible and really kind of forgetting about the rest. And that's what capture going as. Well as the strength of her family and friends they provided her with a great deal of strength and inspiration all the way through. So what's it like to hear to stand on the stage and here the winner is diosdado. What does it feel like lenny. It's han lola. Lo toga nicola fachet shadia d'avray michelle sheltie excessively battle bay. How we ought village. Lefty reveal colas manage shefty shocks leader. More jake i debate howard village. Lucky like a bellamy. She is any haunted gain. We should really really oil de Theory the call ashamed shower there but so fair it's left. They've shock if he'd motta. It was a victory. She says not just for that day. It was a victory for her whole life when she won. Cook off no loud. She's had tried so many times to win singing competitions and sometimes she didn't even get to third place so the fact that she was able to be declared the winner of the biggest competition in israel was a victory for her whole life and all the trials and tribulations she had gone through to get to that very moment and not only. Was it the first time that you one but this was a big win. You know in front of the entire country. Everybody's watching we were actually in israel that summer watching it live on television and it was a beautiful moment. The cans that agai letting inequality same absolutely absolutely. Do you still watch reality shows today. Do you watch the shows on tv. Kucova the voice. Gan you're telling me man it's again. And what do you think of the of the people who are performing these days a macabre villa game channel macadamia. They chill to give him a day to day. Islamise kobe. Villa audit acacia. Good she does watch reality. Tv from time to time the scene competitions and she would love to come and tell the contestants don't worry enjoy the experience learn a lot and appreciate every moment. It's been ten years since you want to know lod Tell me about your musical career after after winning what What has happened since five. Thirty one bay because allah but the bulk of the day a mafia the shooting audio karaganov Or the gilliam ashim. Oh a leaflet album named Mode via cd talk show musica stamped mushy shove. Venues lead. Lilla media the kiama garage. Gummy level a lead the water by. Let's bowl on the ballot. So she's been performing throughout the world and throughout israel. She has done some recording. Had some singles sent out to the stations over the years in the ten years since kokubo loud and four years ago. She decided she wanted to keep on learning so she went for a bachelor's degree in music and just completed and she will be teaching kids about music as well in the coming years as well as continued continuing to record and perform sounds. Great that you're teaching other other kids to to sing and to play and to be involved in music but you're also still recorded in bit the quotas man and which is actually who chilly habile. She'll familiar. I will continue to sink. Huggy she says because it's my mission to compose and to sing and to make people happy. How is the year of corona for you. I know was difficult for the entire israeli music industry. How did you handle things. i'm kasha. Follow mosca 'em amazon. Shebang mckay is annoyed. Mid-october teach show a league kabila machine. Lafayette bill matt mode and la canada. Van vivica heights. No less she'll be She remained bill mack with them. What's modem which is shouted a bowl hush edmund remain albert for the they ever said it says corona was difficult however it was wonderful that she had social media which gave her the opportunity to go and to keke performing and especially to perform for faraway lands like canada. She performed forecast canadians on your mott's mode online and she thank god for the opportunity to continue to perform into make people happy during that difficult time and we hope that things will continue to be beside. There seems to be a little difficult again these days so we were hoping for the best. You mentioned that you performed in canada and nine. You've performed at least more once. I think more than once the united states. What's it like to perform for audiences who may not have seen you on kokov. Nola may have never heard your your your voice before. What kind of reaction do you get from. Audiences outside of israel and annika caucus From monte barrett issue banish enormously. Hannah why the governor land of amir chatting quietly. Okay should do it. The allegorically lou graphic. Give key the key. The pursuit a day early bell. Bell mccall mode lincoln and Voce chamber mitchell koze levy how we get says that she likes it better. When people don't know her from lod in israel people will come up to her after a show and say. I'm sorry i didn't watch on tv but you are wonderful. And she likes that better because then they don't have any preconceived notions and they just judge her on her voice onstage and she loves to perform for people when there is a clean slate. And she's able to win them over just from the beginning. So tell me. I i know your family is from ethiopia. And you've been to visit ethiopia. How is your family's culture incorporated into your music a kim italia's video abba shelly bit you'll show ashim feel governo fears. Show the aba shelley mode moldova. She'll actually yell it catan. Wirelessly licata overseeing the daily. Obviously i whites on their own. Show shaw mullaly. Charlotte ella vata lava. Tower wjm gumshoe gala. Conley salute amedeo mahlon obey comb. She knew casino. Algebra.

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