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And we are here with emiko gene. The author of will never be apart impressive. All seasons and most recently tokyo ever after emiko so nice to have you on the podcast. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Thank you for having me today. Yeah congratulations on your recent book. Launch of my girlfriend has already re-regular. She read your book before. I even had a chance to receive your book. I think she's very excited. I'm talking to you right now. So we usually like to ask our authors like if they were always a writer if it's a passion that came later in life. I know that like i was looking at your bio earlier and it seems like you've juggled a lot of things in your past in your past life. You were an entomologist. You were a candle maker. You were a teacher. So how did you become a writer. Yeah so my road to writing and publication was really windy and long always been a really voracious reader. Remember getting stacks and stacks of books from the library on my mama. Take me there like every weekend. And i would get you back then. I think libraries have limited to now. But back then you. It was as much as you could carry over like rain. Myself down with books But i never really saw myself in any of the books that i read. I looking back now as i am. Kind of examining my adolescents. I i had never read a book. By japanese american author or even an asian american author. Add never read a book as a young person that featured in asian american protagonist And so i think that was really formative The clothes that pathway. So although i loved reading i never thought that i could be a writer

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