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Jackson he's presented by gravies. David jacoby we are jalen and jacoby. What thanks to sir where have an nba star. That may be on the move. We have antonio brown officially with the bucks but we start with. Tonight's nfl game kicking off week. Nine between the packers and what is left of the forty niners due to injury and covert tests and close contact. Look at all of the forty niners. That will not be playing this evening. It is not just a long list. It's a long list impactful players jalen. Do you think they should go ahead and play this game evening. We need to queue the law professor. I'm looking at the front door. All of those players that are sold very notable not available to perform for the forty niners. would jacoby. Game must go on you. Don't want to interrupt the schedule if you don't have to. And you definitely don't want to interrupt the paychecks. If you don't have to cancel in a thursday night paycheck for the league. So you care for fifty three people in uniform and you the forty niners you're gonna do it however the green bay packers. You gotta beat the break off with them tonight. That's the trade off the green bay packers. You gotta take care of business. This could be revenge games for the packers of talking about of course the nfc championship game last year. But however the packers have some problems of their own. They'll be maybe without aaron jones running back position but also jamaal williams and aj dealing because some positive testing. They are going to start at the running back. Position with tyler. Ervin and dexter williams jalen even with all these running backs potentially not available for the packers. Does aaron rodgers. still get it done. I know the aaron jones is questionable. But you hurting heart talking about him like he's not going to play and for the green bay packers so many times. Try to talk about their issues and assume that they're mostly on the office side of the football. You started talking about the top quarterbacks in nfl. you're not gonna count to many people before you get to iraj talking about the top wide. Receiver was again. You're not going to count to many people before you get to devante out of two hundred yards the other day. Talking about running backs in the league to you get to john's they actually had a set of triplets. Is they're run defense. Did you say they played against the forty niners last year in the nfc championship. Yes they got st. You run game and they just got steamrolled with three touchdowns. Del cook on the ground and one in the air. That's the issue for the green bay. Packers bakish short their defense. They now have a chance to catapult themselves. Like the teas that we've talked about yesterday. You see like the seattle seahawks in the books that have basically separated themselves but arrested a pack. Well we look forward to watch missile. Maybe mcmullan's hasn't tricks up his sleeve but we just talked about all the weapons that the green bay packers have however nobody has offensive weapons like.

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