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As of now of the Bermuda Triangle like, do you have any background with not really just that it's like a place where ships get lost and people die and stuff and it's in. One of the addams family movies billy talk about or I think the second one I? Don't know I, just remember it says he had without the only for some reason. That is so funny. We Joan cusack I think it's just like a line I. Think they just met Oh. Okay. Love. Someone is like in the Bermuda Triangle vacationing in the Bermuda triangle or something. Remember exactly. But yeah, for some reason I remember yeah the second one. I. Think with Junkies Salvat. So for those who don't know or for those wanting a refresh, the Bermuda Triangle is a triangle shaped section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bordered by Miami Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The triangle is said to be the site of an oven uncommon amount of disappearances of ships and planes although many are quick to point out that the amount of disappearances did not occur more frequently than any in any other high traffic areas of. So. Yes why? I will say I will say that it's it's quick to dismiss it as that. But once you hear everything then about to tell you I think you might I think there might be a little bit more of a gray area. Although the name Bermuda Triangle wasn't coined until nineteen, sixty four, the earliest recorded account of spooky things happening at it dates back to Christopher. Columbus we're not gonNA tell a story because screw that guy in but I instead I will cover one ship story and one airplane story for balanced sake. So the first story we're GONNA go first the first story is about the US. cyclops. Largest fuel ships of the time it measured at five hundred, fifty feet in length and had a crew of three, hundred six. And it had a successful track record of traveling through the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean and Mexico however in nineteen eighteen, the cyclops disappeared in the triangle seemingly into thin air and even weirder is its last dome message which was weather fair. All well. So the last, the last message received from this ship was whether fair. All well. and. Then where did it go? No. No one knows. Anything about it right we'll get into it. So anyway, two of the most haunting parts of the ship's disappearance are one the fact that nobody on the ship sent out any distress signals and to nobody on board answered any of the Rayo calls from the hundreds of ships on in the surrounding area and more than one hundred years later, the fate of the ship as well as location of it's possible wreckage both remain unknown. So not only did like no one knew what happened then no one to this day no one has happened. No one knows where the wreckage that is, and I'm saying like but doesn't that happen a lot in the like ocean like with normally. But I feel like you recover that the wreckage or at least or at least like signs of one of the three, hundred, six crew people on the trail. Those people think happened like something St. We'll we'll get into the. But Eighteen slurred..

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