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And other networking gear alphabet goes keren company dropped two point three per tech stocks trading at their lowest levels since early may banks were among the few stocks that were trading higher walgreens ended its effort to buy right aide ambled by about half of its stores instead walgreens dipped half a percent quite a dropped twenty five point eight percent nearly twenty six percent so what are we have dow jones industrials were down two hundred eight about an hour and a half ago now the dow down one hundred fifty five twenty one thousand two hundred ninety nine and a half now the nasdaq composite down about ninety and now down about ninety six into third six thousand one hundred thirty seven and three quarters and the sp five hundred had fallen about sixteen points now down nearly twenty one two thousand four hundred twenty right now all right trivia again rvs gift cards these are great for the family 24hour value and well we've got canada day this saturday canada day july i more significantly seskli centennial hundred fifty years of canadian confederation so we got to canada trivia question today and tomorrow all kinds of us fourth of july trivia questions for you next week just so you're forewarned i won know the name of the provincial capital capital of a province today that served as the place where they have the historic confederation talks about uniting canada if i was just going to be the atlantic provinces and then they were to bring in the province of canada now could back in ontario upper and lower canada and so what is that canadian provincial capital capital province where canadian confederation talks started and eighteen sixty four up state five should i want to one seven five two nine one one seven downstate a3 die 105 nine eight three nine one five nine hands you take a bridge if you're driving from delaware big bridge to get to that province 1230 delaware news at noon sunshine and eighty one degrees of wilmington i'm chris carl wpro news pure delaware's top stories.

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