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We talk about next hour. Choose your news. Also, give feedback on this specific segments. You can call voicemail and Andrew the producer here. Here. We wanna do this. Well, I'm just gonna say. Yeah. I was gonna warn them about Andrew in his in his proclivities right from meanness. He's six foot seven three hundred and forty four pounds. And he is imposing but this number two six seven two six sixty three fifty on this segment in Andrew east gonna curate though. So you have a chance to be a radio star because this is a very risky segment. We're going to take to people who've been objectively measured by science to be the most annoying and and era Gance politicians in Washington state governor, I call sleepy Jay Inslee took off time from flying around the country to places like Georgia because he's running for president to address the state of the state just the past few years or state experienced record high temperatures record low snowpack in some locations higher ocean. Temperatures and higher acidity in our waters. Historic wildfires. Blackened our air so much that we had the worst air quality in the world that China not India. Washington state. Let me be the I apologize to the great country of Canada who has a cap and trade system like the governor wants for for the governor's you step on all over that. And making this a ways to run, Mike. Lewis candy does this does this land landed the role he wants he's not going to be president? He wants the EPA director is is this the pitch to make Michaels is the carbon tax a pitch to make. Yeah. Is this going to launch him into the stratospheric rooms of presidential candidates branding overall on climate change the chief we'd salesman in chief sweetmaker? Well, I mean, so it kind of depends on who wins the next election. Right. So that is a first important consideration. And and I agree with you. I don't think it's going to be Jay Inslee. I don't think he has any of the apparatus in place to win a presidential race. Does this does this resonate with people? I think it does resonate with people, although it has failed twice in legislature and fry twice at the ballot box this sort of idea. Now, he is he is going with much. Smaller proposals. Now tighter ones on on actually on on on high polluting fuels on on hydro Corban carbons that are that are from air conditioning system things like that that make a lot more sense because they're much more easy to regulate. So to the extent that he can have greater success, narrowing his agenda. Yeah. I think as far as as far as pollution goes. Yeah. I think that's probably a good move on his part, certainly not doing another carbon-tax. This is something when you talk to people they're either on one side of the other climate change is that real or is that not real? And when you get people who are saying, it's not real they're going to listen to somebody like Jay Inslee say, hey, this is so important. You wanna know why you're orcas are dying? It's because our waters are polluted. And we don't have enough salmon, and we need to do all these other things with hydraulic dams, and it starts to get this nuanced argument that gets all lumped together, and then people tune out well, and they tune out as well. Because his Mike's point they've tried to use it twice the legislature wants to the ballot box where the even call it twice in the ballot box twice in the second. Time they pretended. It was a fee not attacks. But he's persistent. We can give him that are at least is script writers are I don't know of any other issue touches, the heart of so many of the things we all care about our jobs. Our health our safety in our children's future. Well, I mean, I could go with mental health I could go with opioid addiction. I could go with the ever expanding economic bubble around colleges etcetera. The baby. Orca. He was living..

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