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Your full tuition and they're wondering just how big it's gotten this is in the Chicago area so far where parents did during the kids junior or senior year of high school they basically give up guardianship of their child to somebody else it could be a friend of the family it could be a relative whoever and once the child is has has someone else's guardianship of the child the child is financially independent from the parent and can now apply for whatever eventually they need as an independent child not the parents income doesn't count and they're saying the worst of all as best they can tell it's well to do parents who were doing this it's not what they can afford it director undergraduate admissions university Illinois they said it's a scam wealthy families manipulating the financial aid process to be eligible for financial aid that would not otherwise be eligible for they can only opportunities from families that really need it and around Chicago said university only so far identified fourteen applicants who did the same thing from the same county so it's not just a handful of people three you just completed the freshman year and eleven who plan to enroll this falls with the growing thing they found more than forty guardianship cases fitting the profile though between January twenty eighteen in June twenty nineteen just in Lake County alone involved in those include lawyers a doctor in an assistant school superintendent as well as insurance and real estate agents they say no more coming in from other nearby counties are not sure if it's been going on nationally or not but I'm sure word spreads Hey here's what you can do and that's what people start to do so it's a loophole in the system and people are taking big time advantage of it let's see where this goes hi five thirty nine traffic and weather at all that coming up we have Bloomberg update we had the Procter gamble's earnings about a half hour ago that might be included here they did well can cause millions of dollars worth of flight delays it could ruin clothes shoes and recently dyed hair and even worse it can cause ridiculously.

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