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How you can use this modality to move their twenty twenty one with greece. Enjoy this episode. Okay so I'm privileged today of a taken. The podcast and i'm gonna be interviewing paul cliff from somalia float tank center right and i'm really pleased that we're this conversation today because Obviously we've been really influencing you all people who listen to podcast when talking about how how important float tanks are We put it in the magic books and we even recommended samana. So it's brilliant at pulse. Come today. I'm gonna to a really good deep dive into the nature of flowing and white. You know paul came to this and how it can benefit you really hope people have been taken action on the magic box and going into the flow tanks because we know how good is for ourselves for me and eugenia so paul. Welcome to the podcast. Successful astrology podcast. Thank you for having me. This is going to be great. Yeah it's real pleasure. To have you here is obviously. We've all been separating covert. We spoke line. One time briefly. Didn't we are now. Finally we see each other face to face in the studio right. It's totally different. I love it that just that physical connection exactly exactly so need. It isn't it. Yeah absolutely. And i think as we've been separating covert and people have been on their own dealing with the process you know very heavy experiences emotionally and stuff like going to float tank can be very healing. I think in that regard for sure. Oh yeah absolutely. I mean it does. It does so many things. But that's that's an opportunity to disconnect from the chaos that's happening out in the world the being in that that mindset of that and just going in You know with yourself ninety minutes by yourself. Yeah absolutely so. Let's let's let's start from you. Know from the star. And let's get to know you now. Paul like so. Tell us a little bit about yourself. you from colorado right..

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