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Aren't they buying those the rights to broadcast on cable also from government. No no hasn't worked. Who whoever the cable company is so for. Say you have comcast they have. They make their spectrum. Although that's another cable company available and they will contract with broadcasters to carry their signals but for instance. When you hear like somebody on cnn drop the f bomb or say shit. There's no problem there because there's no rule against cursing on cable. There is on the on the public airwaves during hours when children might be in the audience. Now there's a safe harbor they call it. I think it's from like eleven. Am eleven pm to five. Am or something where you technically could. But nobody does There's a whole different set of rules and regulations and they simply have never existed for cable. You can say fuck on. Msnbc without being fined or anything now they may have a policy against it. But there's no law saying that you can't curse on on a cable channel right okay. Let's let's stick with the with with Politics though instead of Instead of the cursing part so strictly going to be an argument about free speech. So because there's it's very very serious now. I think people will some people realize that The way the these lies are told are are now tearing the country apart very very serious way and causing violence. Political violence is is relatively new to most of us who have been you know rely now but but political violence is seems to be becoming a part and parcel of the republican party and wouldn't be happening without all this lying. So how do you who is going to say. This is a light okay. So you know if someone says Black is white and white is black That okay so that isn't true right. I mean it can be proven. Right isn't right. well. I guess it could be. They could be a philosophical debate. Also true but you know. I i don't know i assume that's why they got away from from trying to do it because it's it you know. How do you say what the lion. What but some things are things right with. Trump won if into fox news trump line. But you notice that on the local fox affiliate in los angeles. I think that is channel eleven or something. I don't remember but on the local station their local news. They will not say trump one on fox so-called news on cable they say it but on the local over the air channel. They will not. You can not lie about something. You can't make up a story and call it news on over the air broadcast media. It's been many many many years since i took a broadcast law class but i did. I majored in broadcasting in college Cable wasn't even the thing then on that old In my as i was graduating college you know. Mtv just started so it was brand new these. These topics were covered in my broadcast law class. However you can't what was covered was you can't call something a news program and make shit up. You just can't do that. That you could station could lose their license and that's how it's enforced and it's the fcc. Now i'm sure. Funding has been cut in the afc. Can't possibly monitor everything and actually they don't you know the way the fcc and mostly what they do. Is they find radio hosts and disc jockeys for cursing so I'm sorry i gotta go back to the cursing thing again. Because that's the thing somebody has to file a complaint. Someone has to say. I listen to howard stern and he said faulk or he did all this offensive stuff. You not only have to file the complaint you have to have a tape and transcribe the tape and send it into the fcc. And then they will levy a fine Or in some cases take your license but but nothing like that exists for cable they they can do whatever they want. They can say whatever they want and can that be changed. I would think. I would hope but we're still living under the telecommunications act of nineteen ninety six that is the last overhaul of laws governing radio and cable is talked about in there. But there's nothing dealing with this it just what that did bill clinton thank you. Very much loosened the ownership laws. It used to be one company could own one. Am one am one fm one tv station in a market and not owned a newspaper now. One company and the supreme court just unanimously ruled in favor just a month ago. Now one company can own two television stations. Eight radio stations. Oh in the local newspaper to. That's fine we have no problem with that. The so called liberals on the supreme court went along with that. That's a problem. Why i have no idea because they are they what they why. I didn't read the decision. I just know. It was unanimous decision and. They said they were. There are no more you know. They did away with the restrictions on owner a local ownership rules I'm offended by it because if you have one voice controlling all of the media outlets you're only hearing from that one voice the you're supposed to have a diversity of voices in a in a market in a community and this totally says not even one one one company can own two local newspapers and it's no wonder that everything is so one sided so we do need an overhaul there have been people screaming. We need something to follow up the telecommunications act of nineteen ninety-six which truly destroyed radio. That's what opened the door to all the consolidation. That's why after ninety six k sea. My station where i worked. When we met was sold in ninety seven because the consolidation onslaught began and big companies. Started snatching up all the little mom and pop stations. In fact that's asian. I hated clinton by the way. Yeah well you sodi for that very reason. It really destroyed the business anyway. I just thought it was interesting that this study came out actually yesterday which shows that they've been outright lying on spanish language radio in miami and i have no doubt that it had a major influence on on the elections. Yeah well the the to democrats who lost their seats the to democratic congress without women who lost their seats then gonna see this as well. Yeah oh yeah. They respond to it. Yeah real dead. I should try to get What was her name. Debbie mirka sal powell on the because she is and the other one is Donna shalala that they lost their seats. I think they both speak spanish. Actually they. I do wonder where they are. A frankly. Pro powell has been more effective interested in seeing go right. That's right although. I'm wondering other people in congress. Now who are who are talking about this. I don't mean the telecommunications act of the way news is broadcast. i don't know. I honestly do not know but if you wanna put me together with someone i'd be happy to give them an earful. Yeah this needs something needs to be done. It is totally totally broken. I mean and then the supreme court ruling upholding these horrible ownership rules. Just put it over the top so anyway. So howie klein. Sorry hijack most of our segment for that. I'm i'm re reading today. Down with tyranny dot com. And i came across a bunch of interesting stuff here. You have an article that i do not want to get into now but i think people should read. Us support for israel has no strings that makes the situation in the middle east worst. Worst read that but the one that really caught my attention..

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