Isis, President Trump, William Bar discussed on Laura Ingraham


Af dot com. The Muller probe ISIS defeat. I'm Anne Cates. Capitol hill. Lawmakers will not be getting look today they conclusions of the special counsel probe into Russian meddling in the election and Trump campaign ties to Moscow corespondent, Jessica Schneider. Reports Torney general William bar is still studying the findings to review the report. And then after that he has to write his own report to congress where he advises them of these principal conclusions and no doubt. There will be a lot of scrutiny on this report that the attorney general issues to congress because it will be made public. So no doubt that is on the attorney general's mind as well as he's working through this throughout the day today. The president has reacted to word. Isis has been wiped out the statement from President Trump, quote, I am pleased to announce that together with our partners in the global coalition to defeat ISIS, including the Iraqi security forces and the Syrian democratic forces. The United States has liberated all controlled territory in Syria and Iraq one hundred percent of the caliphate end quote knowing. That ISIS has not surrendered instill urges followers to carry out violence, the president adds to all of the young people on the internet believing in ISIS propaganda. You'll be dead. If you join think instead about having a great life while on occasion. These converts will resurface they have lost all prestige in power. They are losers and will always be losers. Bob Costantini, Washington. West is dealing with the aftermath of floods. Nebraska officials say preliminary losses for infrastructure, livestock and crops will likely exceed one point three billion dollars. Nebraska. Governor Pete Ricketts talked about the devastation. This is the most widespread.

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