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The hotel. That regime gets ninety percent of the of the prophet yeah. Traveling to cuba is helping to prop up that regime. Yes actually do look down upon people. Who do it recreationally different than if you're doing for journalism. I don't think people should travel recreationally to cuba. You are tweeting this morning. I think on your way in that. Cuba exports socialism worldwide and regime. Change is a solution to that. would you mean by that. Yeah what to what has historically supported communist governments have right on finance them up chavez wash trained by the cubans show where the other members of the regime. Majuro teenager traveled to cuban Intense communist training there and now he's dedicated as well. Why because the cuban regime needs Basically colonies to obtain money. They see the oil from venezuela. And that's how they have also played operations They tried to invite minutes while the nineteen sixties actually a landing or marine invasion and the venezuelan sexually expelled him. They were unable to win. And that's actually the original recent that were expelled from the organization of american states. He was because when requested their expulsion because they invaded the crowd. One government on gola in spain. You know the diplomatic party whose empowering spain right now in finance or receive financed by that human regime. These people export their disaster on export to the united states. Make mistake and yes. Of course the cuban. The cuban people were leaving freedom. We wouldn't have this problem. They are succeeding and exporting to the united states is already here. It's in the halls of congress. I think we're talking in the green room before coming out here. The dsa now has actual members of their organization. The democratic socials america have democratic representatives in congress. They have not said a word about what's going on in the streets cuba and i had to. I just had to double check that before. Even coming in today on the train. Because i figured at least by now they would have said something. They haven't the only thing that i've seen from any members of the squad who are part of the progressive caucus so this is like ilhan omar ion presley. aoc and then bernie sanders. Of course the senate is you know. Kind of like the patriarch of the family nothing. They're all still complaining about the ceo of virgin galactic going into space. That is the only thing that is on their minds. What they did say was a tweet by is name is gaza representative choi garcia of illinois. He said i stand with the cuban people and call on their government to respect the right to peaceful protest. And that's where solidarity ends that. They should protest peacefully trump era sanctions. On top of our decades-long embargo have sown desperation. Instead of democracy in the united states must end the blockade so the progressive caucus. That's all they have to say is that we causes problem. Well i think show much impact there on the first place. The american people not freedom from england through peaceful cities. I'm signing letters to king george asking Yes please keep us independence. And if you don't we'll just skip sitting down on on waiting for the british army to murder. Everybody that's not what happened. What's the american revolution right. So i go further. I know that might be with everybody..

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