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And even though in comedy, you swing big at the end of the day could it happen? Yeah. So you know, that kind of is off the table and some stuff got a little broad. And and I just you know, I have to remember that no matter what situation you're in. Usually usually people are doing their best. And and it's it's very it's very very tough thing to to to find that great combo of show runner and cast and writing, and and and it's very very difficult. And I was you know, I it was my own vehicle, and I really. I had opinions. And I had I had stuff that I felt could or should have been different. Yeah. That being said the pilot was written, and they found me it, isn't like this. Bryant was written from right, but you were a hot commodity. Yeah. For ten minutes. Yeah. Good ten minutes is a ten but like, but so it was sort of desperation. But but like, I think in retrospect that there were chances being taken it sort of a unique season of television. We have three different daughters. You know, there's a whole thing. You know? I remember and FOX was very supportive. I think they forgot we were on. I don't know how we got four years and the head of FOX before we were yanked. They very nicely called me at home, and the the ratings were really visible, you know, and he goes, look, you know, we've had a great a great thing with FOX a great thing was Sony, and they were really collaborative as well. And you know, we look we all wanna win. But you know, it just it did. They said to me, they go, look, you know, we're gonna pull the show. He said, you know, your last time out the gate. You got a point. Oh to this is back. When there was there was less channels. Yes. Point. Oh, two, and they go, you know, I I went who that's rough. And they went out of, you know, our our our relationship, and you know, we just wanna let you know before you read about it. Is there a thing we can do before we pull it you have any ideas? And I said give me three more episodes, and I could bring you two zero. I said any big shot can get a one six to eight to be able to say we're so close to zero. We're not point to point to right. Give me three more weeks. I don't know if they got it. Yeah. I don't think that you know, that was a really. Yes. Did they give you the three weeks? No, No. no active. It's not like, no. But him zero. I also like the did these like why that I don't think people always understand that, you know, as stand up like if you're not going to be a writer, if you're not gonna be a show runner that there's their jobs in show business. Stand up Stu can host you can open for musical accident. But also game shows were something that standups did early days in like took him my clubs believe it a draw from those right? But I, but like I missed all that. And I don't know how I would have felt about it when I started necessarily, but in retrospect, the head sure, but like, but as a group as I got older like you will watch match game or you watch Hollywood square, and it'd be like holy shit. These are these are the some of the greatest comics ever worked, right? You know in these boxes. Doing the what's the word fit? Spritzing spritzing with your you use striking..

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