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So i i think he can make a spot from ulysses gilbert third and then kind of Sacred joseph linebacker. Justin lane is also someone that a probably on the cutting block but the steelers don't have very many corners at all So that's another name. I could see i. I feel if they're going to release the corner though they're going to be bringing corner in So if someone's gonna to end up off this team. I think they look at that kind of inside. Linebacker spot and yuji threes just showed me nothing in honesty. Kinda shocked to begin with that. He made a team the first place so i think that's probably where they look to try to trim some fat to get karl joseph in line up all right there you have it. Mr sorry coach. Mr captain blue checkmark michael back. Hey good luck this weekend heading down. The lord knows where. Where are you going again. We're playing in moscow idaho. So you idaho vandal. Well good luck. Let us know how it goes next friday. And thanks for joining us mike. We appreciate it. My pleasure always thanks. You all right pittsburgh steelers fans wanna think michael beck has always for stopping by a. He's a busy guy. He's coaching them. Up there is college olma monitor. He's coaching them up. I don't know how they're going to do down there. And what did he say moscow. I've was he going to russia anyways. Let's finish up with the heart here. I want fans to prepare themselves. Prepare yourself prepare yourself for the season. This is the final weekend that we will have without. Steelers football slash. Nfl football until january actually february. Gosh that's exciting but anyways prepare yourself for this season and understand this. It's not always going to be easy for the steelers team. This steelers team especially the offensive. Line is young. And it might. There might be some serious bumps in the road. Do not go into twenty twenty one expecting twenty twenty results. And i'm not talking about the way it finished i'm talking about the eleven knows start. Don't expect that you're just going to set yourself up for failure going into the season knowing that this steelers team is brimming with potential in. You know. I hate that word you know. I hate pretend that that is. The most dangerous weren't all sports if he asked me as a player coach but nonetheless they are brimming with talent at every if they can get together it might be ugly at times in. They might struggle and they're going to lose games folks. They're going to lose games and you will. You won't hear me predict him to lose much. Just that's just the fan in me but nonetheless prepare yourself for a season that might be up and down but maybe it differs at the end. Think back to go five. Two thousand and five. There were a lot of bumps on that road in no one myself included. Thought they had a shot at actually winning it all in and got hot at the right time. Same in two thousand nine against the toughest schedule in the league. Boy did they just step up and play big and big moments and that was a team that two thousand and one thousand nine. That offensive line was awful as well. So just keep this in the back of your mind folks. It's not going to be easy. This season is not going to be a cakewalk. This season is going to be rough. You have to you have to bunker down you gotta anchor yourself and say i'm gonna stay steadfast behind this team. I'm going to support him no matter what we're gonna continue to fight the good fight and that is rooting this steelers team on to victory every single week. Gotta prepare yourself so get yourself mentally right now and then next week when we're kicking things up ready for buffalo. You're ready no matter what happens. All right folks. that does it for me. I hope you have a great weekend. I have some really cool plans coming up. I'm going to share those with you on monday. I this is a personal story. Because i don't wanna ruin the surprise but for my family. I'm really excited. I am really excited. I'll tell you better on monday. Have a great weekend and as always finish it out here be safe. Be kind in. God bless we'll see you monday. Happy labored everyone. Goes dealers.

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